July 20th, 2021

July 20th, 2021

SSD Council Meeting Minutes

Attendance: NB, GB, HB, JG, JuD

Staff: NS, FL, and SP

  1. Call to Order at 6:03pm 
  2. Territory Acknowledgement
    • We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.
    • NB acknowledges the territories.
  3. Adoption of Agenda & Ratification of Minutes
    • Ratification of Minutes
      • Council Meeting Minutes of 2021/07/08
      • Meeting Minutes ratified by consensus.
    • Adoption of Agenda for July 20th, 2021
      • Agenda adopted by consensus.
  4. Reports
    • Council Members
      • i. Chairperson – NB
      • ii. Interim Treasurer – JG: A4A update
      • Motion to skip to Motions: GB/JG – carried by consensus.
      • iii. UVSS Representative – Delicia (absent)
      • iv. Student Liaison – JuD: A4A update; volunteer Victoria
      • v. Graduate Student Representative – Vacant
      • vi. International Student Representative – HB: A4A update; Discord
      • vii. General Member at Large – B (absent)
      • viii. General Member at Large – DB (absent)
      • ix. General Member at Large – GB (left early)
      • x. General Member at Large – JD (absent)
      • xi. General Member at Large – NBa (absent)
      • xii. Treasurer (on leave) – ES
      • xiii. Secretary – Vacant
    • Staff Reports:
      • FL: Return to in-person plan and staffing for Fall 2021; graphics; ZAP card program; programs in the fall
      • SP: Panel discussion webinar; Terms to Perms; website changes (last call for Council member bios??); Access4All movement & social media campaign; Pic-nic event; work study update with Improv night event 
      • NS: Planning for fall 2021; service availability; 1:1 support; meetings
  5. Campaign Reports:
    • Access4All
  6. Main Motions
    • Priority Business
      • Motion 2021/07/20: 01 – HB/JuD
        • BIRT the SSD sponsors in partnership with SOCC a mental health support program cohort for BIPOC students with disabilities in the amount of $3,200 for 8 sessions at $400 per session to cover the cost of a facilitator.
        • Motion carries.
      • Motion 2021/07/20: 02 – HB/JG
        • BIRT the SSD grant a $150 honorarium to three of the four panelists who spoke at the #Access4All: Perspectives on Equitable Access to Higher Education webinar that occurred on July 14th, 2021 for a total expenditure of $450. The fourth panelist will not accept an honorarium. 
        • This expenditure will be denoted under the Special Occasions cost code.
        • Beyond speaking at the 2-hour panel, each panelist was involved in a minimum of 4 additional hours of organizing and preparing for the webinar, sharing information, doing emotional labor, and bringing their lived-experience to the panel discussion.
        • Motion to amend the honoraria amount for three of the four panelists from $125 to $150 CAD – JG/HB
        • Motion to amend carries.
        • Abstained: JuD
        • Motion carries.
      • Motion 2021/07/20: 03 – JuD/HB
        • BIRT the SSD Council approves an expenditure of up to $______ for the “Pic-nic” event to occur on July 29th, which will cover the costs of a student photographer, professional headshots of the (consenting) Council and Staff members, photos of (consenting) Disabled students on UVic campus for website pictures, and food and activities for SSD Council, Staff and Community members.
          • Motion to table HB/JG
          • Motion carries via consensus.
    • New Business
      • Motion 2021/07/20:01 – JuD/HB
        • BIRT the SSD nominates two students to the Advisory Committee on Academic Accommodation and Access for Students with Disabilities.
        • JG and JuD nominated & acclaimed
        • SP is recommended by the SSD to the UVSS to partake in this committee as well.
    • Old Business
      • Motion 2021/07/08:02 – JG/JuD
        • BIRT the SSD opens elections for the following positions on the Access4All Working Group:
          • One Secretary
          • One Member at Large
          • One UVSS Representative (Q is nominated and ratified) 
  7. Discussion
    • Priority Discussion 
      • Discussion Point 2021/07/20: 01 – NB
        • National Educational Association of Disabled Students Webinars to hear from student governments and student leaders about their role on campus and how they support students with disabilities.
        • Opportunity to be a panelist. 
      • Discussion Point 2021/07/20:02 Nat
  8. In Camera

    • Personnel Report
    • Funding Request Review
  9. Meeting Times
  10. Adjourned at 7:31pm