2021-2021 SSD Council Members

The SSD is run for and by students who identify as having one or more disabilities. The Council is responsible for making decisions, passing motions, and ensuring that the SSD is supporting UVic students with a Disability(ies).

In total, there are 12 SSD Council positions that include:

  • Chairperson
  • UVSS Constituency Representative
  • Treasurer
  • Student Liaison
  • International Students’ Representative
  • Graduate Students’ Representative, and
  • six (6) General Members at Large

Council members are nominated every Annual General Meeting (the month of February), where each all Council positions are available for self-identified Disabled students at the University of Victoria to run for.

Natalie B. (she/her)

SSD Chairperson

Natalie Blecha is the current President and Chairperson of the SSD. She is a fifth-year undergrad in Civil Engineering.
Before filling the role of President, Natalie was the Constituency Representative of the SSD to the UVSS for three years. During those terms, she led the initiative to facilitate an SSD/UVSS cost-share construction of a wheelchair ramp to the entrance to the Student Union Building by the entrance to the SSD office and lounge space.
One of her passions is physical accessibility in building and infrastructure design and construction.
Her email address is ssdchair@uvic.ca.
She is the primary spokesperson for the SSD Council.

Jonathan Granirer (he/him)

Interim Treasurer

Hello! My name is Jon and I’m a fifth-year undergrad with a double-major in Greek and Roman Studies & Political Science. I am currently the SSD’s interim Treasurer.

While serving with the SSD, I have been working to try and get UVic to implement hybrid learning options, which would allow students with disabilities to continue attending class online so that our accessibility needs can be met once we all return to in-person courses in September, 2021. I am currently the undergraduate representative on the UVic Board of Governors, and I’m a former Lead Director at UVic’s Student Society. I hope to use my experience to advocate for increased accessibility at UVic.

I decided to join the SSD two years ago because of all the barriers that I have faced in my education because of my disability. Needless to say, I am very passionate about systems of equitable education. In my spare time, I like to learn about ancient history and get involved in various advocacy initiatives. If you would like to get in touch regarding anything SSD-related, feel free to email me at jonathangranirer@shaw.ca.

Student Liaison


UVSS Constituency Representative


Hannah Brown (they/them)

International Student Representative

Hello all! My name is Hannah and I am a PhD student in the Anthropology department. I am from the UK and am currently the SSD’s International Student Representative. I first became involved in the SSD with the #Access4All campaign, supporting hyflex learning on a continuing basis to avoid taking a step back on achieving equitable education at UVic. I am passionate about equitable education as a queer and disabled student, who also has a love for teaching. My aim is to be a professor one day and I want to be a leader in an environment of equitable education. If you would like to contact me regarding anything SSD-related (especially if you are an international student), feel free to email me at hlbrown@uvic.ca.

Many Thanks,