Welcome to the SSD Blog!

The SSD Blog posts are intended to share our upcoming events, workshops, programs, news, and to spark conversations between SSD members and the wider disabled community.

Some of the published blog posts, posted below, are collated from multiple responses from public participants, either SSD members or Disabled community members. If you would like to add your thoughts to our next blog post, or write your own, email our Research and Communications Coordinator here: ssdcomm@uvic.ca

We are interested in hearing your personal experiences and/or reflections on each blog post theme, and what you’ve learned about yourself and about being disabled in your own bodymind.

For more information about the blog posts, please see an in-depth guide here: SSD Blog post overview

ID: An orange background featuring the silhouette of ornamental and garden plants on the sides. At the top, there are the blue logos of SSD and the Campus Community Garden. In the center, the title "Campus Community Garden" is displayed in white and purple letters. Below the title, details including the date "Thursday, April 25", Location "UVic Campus Community Garden – 2100 McKenzie Avenue", and Time: "4:00 to 6:00" are presented. Lastly, emphasis is placed on the words "snacks" and "Accessible location".
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Campus Garden Party with CCG – APRIL 25, 2025

Join us for a delightful afternoon of community bonding and gardening fun at the Campus Community Garden! As part of our collaborative efforts with the garden, we invite you to participate in a relaxed and enjoyable activity focused on nurturing…
Decorative image on a white background, featuring decorative blue and yellow splashes. In the center sits a large orange planter containing a small green seedling. Surrounding the planter is the title "Repotting Plan" in black letters. In the background appears the second part of the title, "Party," written in capital letters alternating colors blue, orange, yellow, white, and blue respectively for each letter.
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Plant Repotting Party with the Campus Community Garden!

🌿✨ Ready to get your hands dirty for a good cause? Join us for a Plant Repotting Party with the Campus Community Garden! 🌱🏠 Let's give our green buddies a fresh start and spruce up our campus together. Whether you're a pro at potting…
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Garden Party

🌱🌿 Calling all nature lovers and community enthusiasts! 🌿🌱 Join us for a special event hosted by SSD in collaboration with the Campus Community Garden! 🌻✨ Get ready for an afternoon of relaxed gardening and socializing as…
🌸 Join us for a blissful afternoon of creativity and mindfulness at our Mindful Rock Painting Event! 🌈✨
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Mindful Rock Painting Event

🌸 Join us for a blissful afternoon of creativity and mindfulness at our Mindful Rock Painting Event! 🌈✨ All art supplies will be provided, including rocks, paint, brushes, and various decorative materials. 📅 Date: Wednesday, April…