2024 SSD Staff Members

Introducing the incredible individuals behind the scenes at the Society of Students with a Disability! They are the backbone of our organization, tirelessly working to support our community and bring the SSD’s mission to life. Get to know them better through their bios on our blog!

Adrean Meuser (They/ Them)

Office Coordinator

I am a non-binary uninvited settler who was born on the Okanagan people’s lands in the interior of British Columbia. I enjoy experimenting with art mediums, building relationships with flora and fauna, and spending lots of time with my family. I majored in Gender Studies for my undergraduate of art degree at UVic, and have aspirations to return to school to complete a Masters in Public Health & Social Policy. You’ll most likely find me at the office in the SSD space, though you may also find me at the Munchie bar grabbing a coffee, or networking with folks in the hallway. Ask me about my pets!

Marissa Donaldson (She/They)

Education Coordinator

Hi folks! My name is Marissa Donaldson and I use she/they pronouns. I have been the Education and Administration Coordinator here at the SSD since October 2023. I am an invisibly disabled and neurodivergent graduate student. I am currently in my Masters of Arts in Educational Psychology, specializing in Learning, Development, and Instructional Sciences. My research interests include how folks with depression experience stereotypes and how those stereotypes impact academics. I have a background in policy work and education, and am a sex educator for elementary aged children on the side! I have a deep love for accessible education and firmly believe that creating more accessible educational environments for disabled students benefits all students in their academic journey. Outside of work and school, I enjoy playing music and singing, playing Pokémon Go, and watching every episode of Phineas and Ferb in order. You can email me at edussd@uvic.ca or call the SSD office at 250-472-5397. Looking forward to connecting with you all!

Diana Viafara (She/Her)

Communications and research Coordinator

Hello dear Community,

My name is Diana, and I am an international student studying Business Administration. I am Afro-Colombian, a Black woman, and neurodiverse. I pursued Psychology in my undergraduate studies and obtained a Master’s degree in Psychology. I have a deep passion for mental health and gender studies, and I am eager to support students to the best of my abilities. Currently, I am responsible for communications at SSD, and I am enthusiastic about building bridges and connections to bring us closer together as a community. Apart from my work and studies, in my free time, I am a singer in my shower and an aspiring influencer promoting well-being, consent culture, and self-care.