#Access4All Campaign

We represent a group of students who are concerned by UVic’s plan for a full return to solely face-to-face learning in the Fall of 2021.

#Access4All is a campaign started by Disabled students at the University of Victoria in the spring-term of 2021 during the COVID-19 crisis.

Universal hybrid online access to course materials, lectures, and class resources is still needed in Fall, 2021, and potentially on a continuing basis. Reverting solely to in-person delivery of classes is an active dismantling of equitable education – without recorded lectures, online course options, and other similar access points for at-home learning, disabled and International students are disproportionately affected by a full return to in-person classes.

Want to get Involved with #Access4All?

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See us in the News!

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Times Colonist coverage HERE.

This pandemic has shown that adaptations to the delivery of education for the well-being, health, and safety of all students can be achieved when deemed “necessary.” Maintaining flexible access to learning materials and coursework is necessary for equitable education both presently and in the future.

Demands of the University of Victoria:

  1. Deliver courses through a “HyFlex” model that allows students to attend classes online or in-person.
    • Offers accessibility for Disabled folks
    • Ensures International students can participate in courses regardless of travel restrictions
    • Allows students feeling sick to stay home and prevent spreading illness
  2. A commitment to continue the anti-ableist work needed on campus for equitable access to higher education.