AGM – February 23rd, 2021

SSD AGM Agenda – February 23th, 2021

Participants: ES, DB, NB, S, JuD, JD, Rowan, Grace, Delicia, Jennifer, Madison, AP

Staff: NK, FL, and SP


  1. Call to Order and Appointment of Chair at 4:10pm.
  2. Acknowledgement of Territories 
    1.   ES acknowledges the territories.
  3. Adoption of Agenda and Ratification of the Minutes 
    1. Adoption of the agenda for February 23, 2021. NB/JuD
      1. Motion carries.
  4. Ratification of the minutes for February 28th, 2020.
  5. Yearly Reports 
    1. Council Members 
      • Chairperson — ES
      • Treasurer — DB – absent
      • UVSS Representative — NB – UVSS report presentation
      • Graduate Student Representative — S
      • International Student Representative — absent
      • Student Liaison — JG – Focus group wrapping up
      • General Member at Large — JD – Possibly a card making session in future?
      • General Member at Large — JuD – Making connections between SSD and UVic Mental Health Club
      • General Member at Large — NBa – absent
      • General Member at Large — TW – absent
      • General Member at Large — JB – absent
      • General Member at Large — Vacant
  1. Staff 
    1. Office Coordinator — NK – Review of position and programs, such as food security program, crafternoon and journal workshops
    2. Education and Administrative Coordinator — FL – budget and ramp
    3. Research and Communications Coordinator — SP – update on social media and website creation, upcoming study sessions online together
  2. Elections 
    1. Exiting Office 
      1. Motion to exit office – JuD/NB
      2. BIRT all SSD Council Members step down from their respective positions as per their terms of office.
        1. Motion carries.
    1. Elections 
      1. Motion to appoint an Electoral Officer and Scrutineer. 
        1. SP and NK are nominated, respectively.
      2. Nominations open for President/Chairperson.
        1. NB was nominated to Chairperson by acclamation.
      3. Nominations open for Treasurer.
        1. ES is nominated to Treasurer by acclamation.
      4. Nominations open for UVSS Representative.
        1. Delicia is nominated to UVSS Representative by acclamation.
      5. Nominations open for Graduate Student Representative.
        1. S is nominated by acclamation.
      6. Nominations open for International Student Representative.
        1. Position to remain Vacant
      7. Nominations open for Student Liaison.
        1. JuD is nominated by acclamation.
      8. Nominations open for Council Members at Large (six positions).
        1. Grace, JG, JD, NBa, DB and JB nominated to General Member at Large by acclamation.
      9. Secretary 
        1. Rowan is nominated to Secretary by acclamation.
    2. Motion to ratify the results of the election. 
  1. Procedural note: Once an Electoral Officer and Scrutineer are appointed, the Electoral Officer will preside over nominations and elections. Once nominations for each position are complete, each candidate will have two minutes to speak. The audience then may direct questions to all candidates. Once question period is complete, the Electoral Officer will call for votes digitally and tally them with assistance from the Scrutineer. They will then announce the results. They will preside over the vote to ratify the election results, after which the Chair will resume control of the meeting. Only the SSD Coordinators, UVSS Executive Director, or the Director of Student Affairs are eligible to be appointed Electoral Officer and Scrutineer.
  2. .
  3. Motions for Consideration 
    1. Special Resolutions 
      1. Motion to amend Bylaw #4 Council – NB/JuD
        1. BIRT Bylaw #4 Council is amended such that Remuneration for Council Members is struck in its entirety as follows:
        3. Council may approve payment of remuneration to the Chairperson or Treasurer on such terms and conditions as Council may determine. Where Council approves the payment of remuneration under article 40, it will promptly notify Members of its decision.
          1. Motion carries.
      2. Motion to amend Bylaw #3 Meetings – NB/JuD
        1. BIRT Bylaw #3 Meetings is amended as follows:
        2. The quorum for the conduct of business at a meeting of Council is 3 5 Council members, two of whom must be executive officers.
          1. Motion carries.
      3. Motion to amend Bylaw #4 Council – NB/S
        1. BIRT Bylaw #4 Council is amended as follows:
        2. Student Liaison/Resource Person.
        3. BIFRT all references to the position of Student Liaison/Resource Person in the Constitution and Bylaws are amended to reflect the change in job title.
          1. Motion carries.
      4. Motion to amend Bylaw #1 Interpretation – S/Delicia
        1. BIRT Bylaw #1 Interpretation is amended to include the following at the beginning of the section:
        2. In accordance with the Society’s usual practice, the pronoun ‘they’ shall be used in place of he or she in these Bylaws.
        3. BIFRT the Bylaws are amended such that all instances of “he or she” are replaced with “they”.
          1. Motion carries.
      5. Motion to amend Bylaw #4 Council and Bylaw #6 Duties and Responsibilities of the Council – DB/S
        1. BIRT Bylaw #4 Council is amended to include the following after 41. Student Liaison:
        2. Secretary 
        3. BIFRT Bylaw #6 Duties and Responsibilities of the Council is amended to include the following after the listed duties of the Student Liaison.
        4. The secretary shall be responsible for: Taking minutes at all SSD Council meetings Ensuring that updated governing documents and Council meeting minutes are available to the regular membership in a timely manner 
        5. Note: If this motion passes, an election may be held for this position at the end of Section 6. a. Special Resolutions.
          1. Motion carries.
      6. Motion to amend Bylaw #6 Duties and Responsibilities of the Council – DB/Delicia
        1. BIRT Bylaw #6 Duties and Responsibilities of the Council is amended as follows:
        2. The Treasurer will be the financial officer and an executive officer of the Society … The UVSS Constituency Representative will be the representative of the Society on the UVSS Board and an executive officer of the Society … 
        3. The Society may ratify the Student Liaison and/or the Secretary as fourth and/or fifth executive officers at a Council Meeting with their consent.
          1. Motion carries.
      7. Motion to amend Bylaw #4 Council – DB/S
        1. BIRT Bylaw #4 Council is amended as follows:
        2. If following an annual general meeting a position on Council remains vacant or a position subsequently becomes vacant due to the removal or resignation of the incumbent, Council may fill the position at any time with an eligible candidate hold a by-election at a Council meeting. 
        3. By-elections shall be advertised to the membership two weeks in advance. 
          1. Motion carries.
    2. General Resolutions 
      1. Motion to amend the Bylaws for Continuity – S/JuD
        1. BIRT the Bylaws are amended to remove all references to the Law
        2. Students Representative, Engineering Students Representative and Education Students Representative.
        3. BIFRT the Bylaws are amended to replace all instances of “Board” with “Council” when referring to the SSD Council.
        4. BIFRT the Bylaws are amended to renumber all Bylaws and Articles in the order they appear to adjust for added and removed articles over the years.
          1. Motion carries.
  4. Discussion 
  5. Committee Creation and Appointments 
    1. Tabled to next meeting.
  6. Adjournment at 5:39pm