February 10th, 2021

Minutes – February 10th, 2021

Society for Students with Disabilities

Attendance: ES, NB, S, DB, JuD, JD

Staff: FL, NS, SP


  1.   Call to Order at 5:20pm
  2.   Territory Acknowledgement
  3.   We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.
  • ES and S acknowledge the territories.
  1. Adoption of Agenda – Motion 2021.01.27:01 — NB/JuD
    • BIRT the agenda for 2021, 10th Feb be adopted.

   Motion to amend the agenda: NB/JD

Add Motion 3 to Priority Business. 

Motion to amend carries.

        Motion to adopt the agenda as amended carries.


Motion 2021.01.27:02 — JuD/S

BIRT the minutes for January 27th be ratified.

Motion to ratify Jan 27th, 2021 minutes carries.

  1.   Main Motions
  2.   Priority Business
    1. Motion 2021.01.13: 03 – NB/DB
      BIRT the following motions are approved to bring to the SSD AGM on February 23, 2021:

“BIRT the following changes are made to the SSD Constitution:

Remuneration for Council Members is struck in its entirety. (Articles 40 and 41)

Quorum for Council meetings is amended from 3 to 5, two of which must be executive directors. (Articles 31)

All instances of ‘Board’ are changed to ‘Council’

The title of ‘Student Liaison/Resource person’ is changed to ‘Student Liaison’ and all references to this position are updated.

‘In accordance with the Society’s usual practice, the pronoun ‘they’ shall be used in place of he or she in these Bylaws is added to the start of Bylaw #1 Interpretation and all instances of ‘he or she’ are changed to ‘they’.

President/Chairperson, Treasurer, and UVSS Rep are specified as executive roles. Student Liaison may be ratified as a fourth executive position. The role of Secretary is added to Council Positions:


The secretary shall be responsible for:

Taking minutes at all SSD Council meetings

Ensuring that updated governing documents and Council meeting minutes are available to the regular membership in a timely manner

If following an annual general meeting a position on Council remains vacant or a position subsequently becomes vacant due to the removal or resignation of the incumbent, Council may hold a by-election at a Council meeting. By-elections shall be advertised to the membership two weeks in advance.’

Motion carries.


Motion 2021.01.13: 04: — JuD/JD

BIRT NS, the current Office Coordinator, and FL, as the current Education and Administrative Coordinator, are able to work between 20 and 35 hours based on individual disability and accommodation needs and SSD workflow to be arranged between the SSD chair and/or SSD Rep until Dec 31/2021.

BIFRT SP, as the current Research and Communications Coordinator, is able to work between 10 and 25 hours based on individual disability and accommodation needs and SSD workflow to be arranged between the SSD chair and/or SSD Rep until Dec 31/2021.

    Motion carries.

  1.   Discussion
  2.   Priority Discussion
  3.   Reports
  4.  Council Members
    1. Chairperson – ES – 
    2. Treasurer – DB
    3. UVSS Representative – NB
    4. Student Liaison — JG – absent
    5. Graduate Student Representative – S 
    6. International Student Representative – vacant
    7. General Member at Large – NBa – absent
    8. General Member at Large – TW – absent
    9. General Member at Large – JD
    10. General Member at Large – JuD – https://mhrp.ca/events/ events could be shared via social media
    11. General Member at Large – JB – absent
    12. General Member at Large – vacant
    13. Staff report – NS, FL, SP

BC disability alliance workshops: May 2021 and Feb 2022 

  1.   Meeting Times
    1.   Next Council Meeting: AGM FEB 23rd FROM 4-6PM
    2. Next Executive Meeting: Possibly budget review on the 12th
    3. AGM: FEB 23rd from 4-6PM
  2.   Adjournment at 6:27pm