SGM – May 28th, 2021

May 28, 2021 

SSD SGM Minutes 

Attendance: NB, H, LT, DJ, D, GB, JD, JuD

Staff: FL, SP, and N

  1. Call to Order and Appointment of Chair 
    • Meeting called to order at 6:06pm PST
    • NB nominated as chair
  2. Acknowledgement of Territories 
    • We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.
    • NB, H, and SP acknowledge the Territories
  3. Adoption of Agenda and Ratification of the Minutes 
    • Ratification of the minutes for February 23, 2021. – DJ/H
      • Motion carries
    • Adoption of the agenda for May 28, 2021 – H/DJ
      • Motion carries
  4. Reports 
    • Executive Officers
      • i. Chairperson — NB – Access4All Campaign, Board Training, Approved SSD Annual Budget, finished term as UVSS Rep in April (now DJ)
      • ii. Treasurer — ES / JG – Absent (via NB: Approved SSD Annual Budget)
      • iii. UVSS Representative — DJ – Absent
      • iv. Student Liaison — JuD – (via NB: lead on Access4All), Mental Health Recovery Partners (previously BCSS): Wellness Recovery and Action Plan
  5. Elections
    • Motion to appoint an Electoral Officer and Scrutineer. 
      • BIRT SP is appointed as Electoral Officer and N as Scrutineer – H/JD
      • Motion carries.
    • Nominations open for Graduate Student Representative
      • Position to remain vacant.
    • Nominations open for International Student Representative
      • H is nominated to International Student Representative by acclamation.
    • Nominations open for Secretary
      • Position to remain vacant.
    • Nominations open for Council Member at Large
      • B is nominated for Council Member at Large by acclamation.
    • Motion to ratify the results of the election. H/GB
      • Motion carries.
    • Procedural note: Once an Electoral Officer and Scrutineer are appointed, the Electoral Officer will preside over nominations and elections. Once nominations for each position are complete, each candidate will have two minutes to speak. The audience then may direct questions to all candidates. Once question period is complete, the Electoral Officer will call for votes digitally and tally them with assistance from the Scrutineer. They will then announce the results. They will preside over the vote to ratify the election results, after which the Chair will resume control of the meeting. Only the SSD Coordinators, UVSS Executive Director, or the Director of Student Affairs are eligible to be appointed Electoral Officer and Scrutineer.
  6. Motions for Consideration 
    1. Special Resolutions 
      1. Motion to amend Bylaw #1 Interpretation – GB/H
        1. BIRT Bylaw #1 Interpretation is amended to include the following:
        2. “Incoming students” means any person who has received an admissions offer from UVic that is currently valid and who has not accepted an admissions offer from another institution.
        3. Motion carries.
      2. Motion to amend Bylaw #1 Interpretation – D/GB
        1. BIRT Bylaw #1 Interpretation is amended to include the following: 
        2. “Returning students” means any former fee-paying member of the UVSS or GSS with the intent to return to accredited UVic classes within 18 months of their last semester as a UVSS or GSS member. 
        3. Motion carries.
      3. Motion to amend Bylaw #1 Interpretation – H/JD
        1. BIRT Bylaw #1 Interpretation  is amended as follows: 
        2. “UVIC Community” means current, incoming, and returning students, faculty, and staff of UVIC and includes any constituency or other groups on campus.
        3. Motion carries.
      4. Motion to amend Bylaw #2 Membership – H/JD
        1. BIRT Bylaw #2 Membership is amended as follows: 
        2. Associate Members include anyone who:
        3. is an alumni member of the Society; or
        4. is an incoming student who identifies as a student with a disability; or
        5. is a returning student who identifies as a student with a disability; or
        6. is a member of the UVIC Community and is accepted by the Council of the Society as an Associate Member
        7. Motion carries.
  7. Adjournment at 7:00pm