Journal Scrapbooking Workshop

Every Tuesday, March 2nd – April 27th

11:30am-12:30pm PST

*This program is available for individuals aged 17 and above

Do you enjoy crafts and spending time with other students with a ‘disability’?  Are you interested in exploring journal techniques? Many individuals find writing out their thoughts, fears, and emotions helpful. Sometimes getting started can seem overwhelming. We will explore ourselves through positive affirmations and everyday moments as a self-care technique.

Sign up includes: If you meet our criteria mandate we will send you a journal, stickers/embellishments and colourful pens.

*If you have signed-up for supplies you are expected to attend Tuesdays from 11:30am-12:30pm, from March 2nd to April 27th

If you would like to come check out a workshop join us! This program is open to anyone who self-identifies as having one or more disabilities. YES, mental health challenges like anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and depression count. Bring a pen/paper and join us online OR sign-up for materials.

Join us on Zoom

Meeting ID: 951 8993 7021

Passcode: SSD

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