Common Questions regarding Uvic’s Accessibility

What does the Center for Accessible Learning (CAL) provide versus the S.S.D?

The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) is designated under UVic’s Division of Student Affairs. CAL provides programs and accommodations geared for a student’s academic life at UVic. Notably, they run the Learning Assistance Program (LAP) which provides registered CAL students with 1:1 tutoring, class note-takers and/or learning strategists. CAL also provides a physical space for registered students to write exams in if he/she/they require academic accommodations. To partake in CAL’s programs, you must be registered with them as a student with a disability.

The SSD, however, is a student-organized advocacy and social hub for students who identify with having one or more disabilities. One does not have to be technically registered with or disclose his/her/their disability. The SSD provides weekly craft and DnD events, biweekly foodbox deliveries (for vulnerable students during COVID), and continues to organize workshops and supportive programming, such as our funding opportunities. The SSD has funded semester-ly grants in conjunction with CAL to subsidize or cover the costs associated with accessing the academic supports through CAL’s own programs. We also have online social supports that anyone is welcome to join found on our SSD slack channel.

Since UVic’s switch to online platforms during COVID, the SSD has members working to assess the accessibility barriers in UVic’s now-widely used BrightSpace platform, in addition to researching and suggesting recommended ameliorations.


How do I get registered with CAL?

Check out and register with CAL here.

They will want the following information:

  • A brief introduction of yourself,
  • your *medical and/or psychological documentation, and
  • a signed consent form.

*A description of accepted medical and/or psychological documentation can be found here


Where can I find campus respite rooms?

There are two respite rooms on campus in the following locations:

  • UVic’s McPherson library, room 132.
  • *SSD’s respite room, SUB, room B106

In order to access either one, you must alert staff to let us know you need it. In the library, you can ask the front desk if the room is available and, if so, you will be able to use it for 1 hour. In the SSD, you must first ask a staff or Council member in the SUB, room B111 for access and can use it for however long you need.

*Due to COVID-19 concerns, the SSD respite room and general space are closed until further notice.


Are there accessibility resources for UVic CO-OP and Career Services?

What constitutes “reasonable accommodation”?

Ah… the age-old question.

What other accessibility tips and tricks are on UVic for disabled students?