The SSD recognizes that being a student with a disability potentially comes with additional costs to participating in post-secondary education. This Funding program aims to reduce or partially eliminate these barriers for eligible students.

This funding policy is to provide reimbursement for or purchase of an assistive device, aid, or technology not otherwise provided or subsidized through other means, including UVic’s and wider-community resources, Student Aid BC, and personal health insurance.

An application submitted under this Funding Request Policy is a once-per-semester option for individuals under extenuating circumstances who have exhausted all other resource avenues.

This funding policy and procedure is not intended to and will not cover emergency funding requests, medication expenses, or devices not properly reputed by a registered medical professional; moreover, this funding procedure is to support UVic students with a disability(ies) with one-time purchases or reimbursements, rather than on-going monetary support.


This program is only applicable to members of the SSD. This includes students at UVic who:

  1. Self-identify as having one or more disabilities, and
  2. Are members in good standing of either the UVSS or the GSS; this does not include associate members of the SSD.
  3. Are currently registered and participating in one or more for-credit courses with the University of Victoria

SSD Council Members are eligible for this program, with preference given to non- Council Members.

The program is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis until budgeted funds are exhausted to accepted applicants.

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