Friday, October 21st, 2022 – Zoom, 4 pm to 5 pm PDT

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Attendance: Victoria, Hannah, Julia, Hannah, Coco, Kate
Staff: Adrean, Bella
  • Called to order at 16:06
  • Hannah offers acknowledgement
    1. Adoption of today’s agenda
    2. Ratification of August 3rd, 2022 minutes
    3. Ratification of August 31st, 2022 minutes
  • Carried
    1. Council
      1. Chairperson: Julia 
      2. Treasurer: Hannah
        1. Food Security
        2. Back in role for treasurer  
        3. Workstudy – we have six 
        4. Hire for the Education Coordinator position
        5. Reproductive Justice 
        6. Lots going on!
      3. Student Liaison: Victoria
        1. Busy with project design – will have template to share soon
        2. Requests to find adhd assessment places
      4. SSD Rep UVSS: Parker
      5. International Student Rep: Hannah
      6. Graduate Student Rep: Zack
      7. Secretary: Emma
        1. Nothing to report
      8. General Members at Large: Natasha, Kate, Jacob, and Coco
        1. Coco – Feedback on student wellness centre accessibility is difficult. Low hours and the only other option is campus security. 
    2. Staff
      1. Adrean
        1. Stroll for reproductive justice we had a last minute pivot to postpone the panel until we can do it in a more meaningful and diverse way. We are looking at re-doing in February
        2. We are going to do to more strolls 
        3. Food security – EVERYONE SIGN-UP – Final number for good food box on Monday Oct 24th 
        4. Space improvements have been happening – creating a comfier space
        5. Treat or treat event on Halloween
        6. OSL grant – for the stroll for reproductive justice to help pay for the honoraria  
      2. Bella
        1. Social media posts 
        2. Templates to have so re-post is easier 
        3. Working with work-study to create more social media engagement 
        4. Movie Night is starting October 28th and Games Night is starting on November 1st.


  1. Council member bios for website and Instagram
    1. Hannah – seems okay with that
    2. Victoria – I am happy with that 
    3. Emma – Sounds good!
    4. Vic will be reaching out the council with questions
  2. Financial Policy Committee
    1. Ready to form the committee 
    2. Chaired by Hannah 
    3. Everything with financial policy 
    4. Priority id the funding request policy
    5. Alot of the work will be asynchronous with occasional meetings
    6. Hannah will have list of names at next council meeting to form 
  3. Other committees
    1. Does anyone want to get involved with Access4All?
    2. Alternating times to accommodate more people
    3. Hannah gives details on A4A – when school had to go online we want to help maintain that to be more accessible for students. Hybrid education for every class, so everyone can have the best education they can. 
    4. Coco offered to be a part of it.
  4. Open discussion
    1. Hannah got invited to the new accessibility committee – Nov 1st is the first one
    2. Issues with the health centre – do we have any strategy?
  1. IN-CAMERA (Emma/Julia)
  • Carried
  • Moved in-camera at 16:44
Funding request 
  • Carried 
November 4th at 4 pm
November 18th at 4 pm
December 2nd at 4 pm
  1. ADJOURNMENT (17:04)

Thank you for coming!