Friday, November 4th, 2022 – Zoom, 4:15-5:45 pm PDT

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Called to order 16:17
Chair offers land acknowledgement
      • Adoption of today’s agenda (Emma/Zack) – Carries
      • Ratification of October 21st minutes (Victoria/Jacob) – Carries
    • Council
      • Chairperson: Julia 
Peer support groups are going well, Autism support group has the highest attendance. May register more people for these groups, we did have to change the layout of the Autism peer support group. First accessibility committee meeting today, number of issues with it already. We were told two representatives and one alternate, now this has changed to one representative and one alternate. We are getting clarification from Ton. It feels like the other reps have been randomly selected. Hopefully this can be a place we can push our access for all. Thrive and access for all have been hard to schedule. Belfry theatre reached out on how to make their events more accessible from actual disabled folks. GEM reached out as well to discuss how to make their archival event more accessible. 
  • Treasurer: Hannah
  • Student Liaison: Victoria
  • SSD Rep UVSS: Parker
  • International Student Rep: Bee
I have no solid updates but I am thinking of a way to reach international students, through social media posts or a campaign. still conceptualizing how to go about it but hopefully can have a solid plan after reading break. Start by awareness that we do have an international rep!
  • Graduate Student Rep: Zack
  • Secretary: Emma
  • General Members at Large: Natasha, Kate, Jacob, and Coco
  • Staff/Work Study
    • Bella
Working on staying consistent on social media, feeling comfier in the role. We are doing games night, movie night, button making, slime time, pet café, and body doubling. Our first monthly newsletter is ready to go out for Monday. Working on support and research for the Autism Peer Support Group.
  • Vic
Introduced Vic sharing a little about what the opportunity can look like. Do not feel rushed; it is just a way to share yourself with the SSD community. We can film a video with questions from the email. Just taking photos on campus, Vic is happy to help. Or we can just post a photo of your pet, you don’t have to give a lot of information if you don’t want to. Bella will update the email list, some people didn’t receive it. 
MOTION 2022/11/04: 01 – Victoria/Kate
WHEREAS the SSD strives to have robust financial policies in place to use our funding to assist our community while ensuring it is used in the best way for all; therefore,
BIRT the council approves the formation of a Financial Policy Committee to aid in this work by updating policy that will be approved by council, with the Treasurer (Hannah Brown) acting as chair of this committee; and,
BIFRT the council elect Julia Denley, Victoria Surry, and Zackary Derrick to sit on this committee.
  • Council member bios for website and Insta
  • Google Drive access
We can add you to the google drive, best to use a gmail account but we can send a link if that’s easiest. 
  • Holiday board event in December?
Do we want to have dinner on December 2nd or another time? Email will be sent out. 
  • Open discussion
Students providing medical advice on the discord, finding more moderators and creating a step by step manual on how to deal with medical advice on the discord. 
Blacklisting the doctors at UVic could be concerning as we do not want people to avoid medical attention if UVic doctors are their only option. Balancing what we say. 
Been approached Dr. Cunningham about writing papers about students with a disability meeting with him to see what that looks like. Looking at Access for All.
Bee and Victoria are able to moderate. 
Autistic Peer Support group for new students coming into UVic, Jacob will try to get more info about it. We are willing to help out.
  • IN-CAMERA Hannah/Emma 17:19
Funding requests – both carried
Out of Camera – Natasha/Jacob – 17:28
November 18th at 4 pm
December 2nd at 4 pm
  • ADJOURNMENT – (17:31)


Thank you for coming!