Meeting Minutes – January 27th, 2021

Society for Students with Disabilities

Attendance (Council): ES, NB, TW, NBa, JuD, S, JG

Attendance (Staff): NS, FL, SP


  1.   Call to Order at 4:45pm
  2.   Territory Acknowledgement
  3.   We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.

NB and ES acknowledge territories.

  1.   Adoption of Agenda
  2.   Motion 2021.01.27:01 — S/JuD


BIRT the agenda for 2021 27th January be adopted.

Motion carries.


  1. Motion 2021.01.27:02 — JuD/JG

BIRT the minutes for 13th January…. be ratified

January 13th, 2021 – MINUTES

Motion carries.

  1.   Reports
  2.   Council Members
  3. Chairperson – ES – AGM upcoming
  4. Treasurer – DB – absent
  5. UVSS Representative – NB – Advo group policy review, AGM software for voting and prizes, Budget review upcoming, Referendum questions
  6. Student Liaison — JG – Wrapping up honorariums for Access Consult
  7.  Graduate Student Representative – S – Will reach out to get SSD on campus support list
  8. International Student Representative – vacant
  9. General Member at Large – NBa – Games night and UVSS games night tomorrow!
  10. General Member at Large – TW
  11. General Member at Large – JD – absent
  12. General Member at Large – JuD – Advo group policy meeting inputs, Mental health feedback delayed until next meeting for DBT workshop
  13. General Member at Large – JB – Advo group policy, mental health baskets
  14. General Member at Large – vacant
  15. Staff report – NS, FL, SP


FL: Games night referral raffle, BC Disability Alliance workshops

SP: Website, games night, don’t forget about the AGM in Feb!

  1.   Main Motions
  2.   Priority Business
  3. Motion 2021.01.13: 03 –    S/TW

BIRT the SSD cover our Coordinators (FL, NS and SP) internet and phone charges while they are working from home due to Covid-19 in the amount of $100 per person per month for the months of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December 2021.

Motion to amend – JG/NBa

BIRT the above motion includes “up to $100 per person per month”

Motion to amend carries.

Main motion carries.


  1. Motion 2021:01:13:04 BIRT the Council changes signing authorities from DB to ______________

o   We need a student who can easily access campus and come in with short notice to sign cheques.

Motion to table carries.


  1.   Discussion
  2.   Priority Discussion
  3. 2021:01:27 – JuD

Board Positions  

Possibly have a secretary Council position or a “vice chair”?

Add secretary/Communications liaison position to AGM Agenda.

Add volunteer coordinator or change Student Liaison description/duties to AGM.

  1.  Meeting Times
  2.  Next Council Meeting: Feb 10th from 4:30-6:30pm
  3. Next Executive Meeting: Feb 3rd from 5-7pm
  4. AGM: Feb 23rd from 4-6pm 
  5. Adjournment at 6:03pm