Tuesday, January 17th from 1:30 pm to 3 pm PST on Zoom

Attendance: Julia, Brooklyn, Natasha, Zack, Bella, Adrean, Cristina, Hannah, Jacob

  • LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Chair offers the land acknowledgement
      1. Adoption of today’s agenda – Hannah/Natasha – Carries
      2. Ratification of December 2nd, 2022 minutesHannah/Natasha – Carries
    1. Council
      1. Chairperson: Julia – NEADS AMG went really well, Julia made a presentation and made tons of amazing connections. We are going to have meetings with them, maybe we could have monthly networking meetings to see what the other organizations are doing. Let Julia know if you want to come to any meetings. Some bumps in the road for peer support groups. 
      2. Treasurer: Hannah Brown – So busy, funding requests should be completed soon. A4A and stroll for Reproductive Justice, dealing with finance things as they arrive. 
      3. Student Liaison: Victoria – Not Present
      4. SSD Rep UVSS: Parker – Not Present
      5. International Student Rep: Hannah Boncan – Not Present
      6. Graduate Student Rep: Zack – No Report
      7. Secretary: Emma – Not Present
      8. General Members at Large: Natasha, Kate, Jacob, and Coco
        1. Natasha – No Report
        2. Kate – Not Present
        3. Jacob – No Report
        4. Coco – Not Present 
    2. Staff
      1. Adrean – Talking to so many cool people for the panels, so much amazing networking. Talking to panellists. Work Studies are doing a hybrid baking night/movie night. Invisible and dynamic disability campaigns. Co-op workshop also happening on the 24th
      2. Bella – We have a new TikTok account! We have our movie nights, body doubling, games night and campus strolls starting up again. I have a wonderful new workstudy who will be taking over the Facebook page. 
      3. Brooklyn – Workshops.. Work related workshops, book club will be starting up again! Super chill book club will be related to a theme and we will have suggestions available. Working with work studies for the invisible and dynamic disabilities campaigns.  
    3. Campaigns
      1. Access4All – Friday at 2:30pm, should we contact lawyers? Human rights issues? They may be more inclined to change with legal action involved. They were all positive reviews on our google form, how can we get a mix of both, any suggestions?


  • EMAIL MOTIONS (both have carried)

MOTION 2023/01/03: 01

WHEREAS the SSD strives to support disabled students on campus by providing respite and access to light refreshments; and,

WHEREAS once a semester, the SSD purchases juice boxes, a variety of snacks, and tissue products for students’ open access; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves up to $350 for the Winter/Spring 2023 semester for the purchase and delivery of space snacks and necessary tissue products.

MOTION 2023/01/08: 01

WHEREAS the SSD has been asked to provide a representative and an alternate for the UVic Accessibility Committee; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves Delicia Jacobs as the SSD representative and Adam Friesen as the SSD alternate on the UVic Accessibility Committee


MOTION 2023/01/17: 01 – Hannah Brown/Jacob – Carries

WHEREAS the SSD has previously purchased laptops for staff members to assist them in working from home; and,

WHEREAS the SSD has a new staff member, Brooklyn Cribdon, our Education and Administration Coordinator;

BIRT the SSD approves up to $1300 for a laptop for Education and Administration Coordinator, which will remain property of the SSD after their employment

MOTION 2023/01/17: 02 – Hannah Brown/Zack – Carries

WHEREAS the SSD strives to promote food security for our community, and thus the SSD has provided food security programming in past semesters; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves the updated Spring 2023 Food Security Program Policy, with updated program dates; and,

BIFRT the SSD approves up to $9500 for the Spring 2023 Food Security Program.

MOTION 2023/01/17: 03 – Hannah Brown/Zack – Carries

WHEREAS the SSD will be hosting a Sex and Disability event and a Panel for Reproductive Justice during SEXPO in February;

BIRT the SSD approves up to $4000 in funding to cover the costs of the Sex and Disability event and the Panel for Reproductive Justice. 

MOTION 2023/1/17: 04 – Hannah Brown/Zack – Carries

WHEREAS the SSD strives to support other campus groups in making their events more accessible; and,

WHEREAS the Gender Empowerment Centre, in collaboration with other advocacy groups, is hosting SEXPO, a week of events in February; therefore,

BIRT the SSD covers up to $175 for captioning services and up to $750 for ASL interpretation services at SEXPO, for a total of up to $925.


WHEREAS the SSD strives to support other campus groups in making their events more accessible; and,

WHEREAS the Gender Empowerment Centre, in collaboration with other advocacy groups, is hosting SEXPO, a week of events in February; therefore,

BIRT the SSD covers accessibility services at SEXPO, including ASL interpretation and captioning, up to a total of $1000.

  1. SEXPO budgeting
    1. Cristina: Introduces herself and chats about SEXPO
      1. SEXPO is a week long event of programming, entertainment – sex positivity and harm reduction 
      2. Have educational resources to have honest conversations
      3. SSD will be running the sex and disability panel and Reproductive Justice
      4. Funding for all the inclusion elements (subtitles, interpreter and making events to be hybrid)
    2. Adrean: help with the accessibility part
      1. Wanted to give information to the council and make sure council could ask questions
  2. Discord rule updates
    1. Not asking or providing medical advice and not slander medical professionals. We are trying to avoid any hate speech on Doctors while still speaking from your own lived experience. We want people share and not make them worried about sharing. Make it clear not to give medical advice, your experience should not be taken as medical advice. Sharing the google doc and making it a joint effort. 
  3. Constitution and Bylaw Changes
    1. Sent out a poll to go over constitution and bylaw changes! We need at least a month to make changes before we approve. Add comments on google doc if you are interested. 
  4. AGM
    1. Please fill out a poll by Jan 23rd. 
  5. Anti-racist posters
    1. We want to put posters up in the space and make comments on the ongoing google doc. Look through the JustSeeds website. 
  6. Strolls for Reproductive Justice
    1. We have our next stroll this Friday Jan 20th
  7. Facilities Management point person
    1. Do we want to be a point person for FACMAN when something is broken on campus? – Can we check who is on the list first? 
  8. Campaigns – Tabled to next meeting
    1. Invisible Disabilities – March 6th to 10th
    2. Dynamic Disabilities – March 20th to 24th
  9. New release movie rentals – Tabled to next meeting
  10. NEADS event in March – Tabled to next meeting
  11. Adding council members to Teams – Tabled to next meeting
  12. Open discussion
  1. IN-CAMERA – Hannah/Natasha – Carries

Moved: 2:30pm

Funding requests – JS and CW

JS: The SSD council approves up to $5000 for the following specified items and pending receipt of appropriate documentation: Computer, Eye Glasses,  Noise Cancelling headphones, Dragon, Kurzweil, Live scribe pen + notebook, Sony digital flash voice reader.


CW: Technology and Assistive devices – Computer $2786.2

Approve no more than $2800 for the Microsoft surface pro and requested accessories. 


Out of Camera: Zack/Jacob – Carries


Council Meetings – please fill out this poll by Monday, January 23rd at noon to choose a regular council meeting time for the semester 

Access4All – Friday, January 20th at 2:30 pm –

Constitution and Bylaw Changes Committee – please fill out this poll by Wednesday, January 18th at noon to choose a meeting time if you’d like to help with this work

Weekly Staff/Exec (Thrive) Meetings – usually Thursdays at 2 pm

  1. ADJOURNMENT – 3:35

Thank you for coming!