Tuesday, February 14th from 3 pm to 4:30 pm PST on Zoom

Attendance: Adrean, Bella, Brooklyn, Julia, Jacob, Emma, Victoria

  • LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Chair offers land acknowledgement
      1. Adoption of today’s agenda – Emma/Jacob – Carries
      2. Ratification of January 17th minutesVictoria/Jacob – Carries
    1. Council
      1. Chairperson: Julia – An update on NEADS state tour on various campuses. They will be visiting us on March 31st, we will be using some rooms in the HHB. From 2:30pm onwards it will start around 3:00pm to 3:30pm. NEADS will have a 45 minute presentation and a 15 minute presentation on SSD. Then we will do a 45 minute presentation about the Access4All campaign. We will generate 3-5 discussion questions. Large room so we can have good social distancing, the back of the room can be a location for food and for folks to safely remove masks. We can promote the SSD and the NEADS crew are really great to work with. It seems so far in the distance but it is now only a month and a half away, so we are starting to do some good prep. Shout out to staff and volunteers for their work in SEXPO, thank you for all your work. 
      2. Treasurer: Hannah Brown – They have three funding requests that are in progress, and we are waiting for some contact info. They are on the hiring committee. They have been planning for SEXPO, March campaigns and AGM report. 
      3. Student Liaison: Victoria – Feedback about how we function and sorting through that to hopefully get more information. Trying to understand where the students are coming from and see their perspectives. Helping students navigate the gym, about accessing changing rooms and basic equipment. Doesn’t seem like the gym is interested in accommodating people with disabilities. Requests made to the gym are simple and could have been easily resolved. Changing rooms is one of the concerns and they are not understanding the struggle students face to enter the room. When students face these barriers it makes them not want to go back. Mapping out resources and counsellors etc. 
      4. SSD Rep UVSS: Parker – Not Present
      5. International Student Rep: Hannah Boncan – Not Present
      6. Graduate Student Rep: Zack – Not Present
      7. Secretary: Emma – No Report
      8. General Members at Large: Natasha, Kate, Jacob, and Coco
        1. Natasha – Not Present
        2. Kate – Not Present
        3. Jacob – Found a leadership program, learning about making campuses more accessible. Only requirement is to be a university student, all expenses are included,
        4. Coco – Not Present
    2. Staff
      1. Adrean – We did the sex & disabilities interview series on Monday, was successful, even though it was late and delayed. Full length interviews available on February 21st. Adrean is doing an order for the space to make it even better! Panel for Reproductive Justice on Thursday that will be moderated by Adrean and Hannah and Julia. From 12:00pm to 2:00pm it will be recorded and posted on our website. We are doing campaigns in March for invisible disabilities and dynamic disabilities. We got more stickers for our tabling at SEXPO tomorrow. There is alot going on this week, hopefully a colouring book for September or December. Martlet interviewed us for the campaigns. We are doing a social media campaign about what those mean to me and a community generated definitions. 
      2. Bella – Doing a bit of catch-up right now as I spent all of last week editing videos for the Sex & Disability Interview series. We have Movie Night coming up this week, and baking & Movie night on March 3rd. Working on all our graphics for the next few events. There is a workshop next week! Creating more Black History Month posts to collaboratively post with SOCC. 
      3. Brooklyn – Went to an AIR meeting today and it was an experience. The folks in AIR heard what we had to say and received our feedback and acknowledge that things aren’t perfect. AIR advocacy for inclusion in recreation, it is comprised of canAssist, Vikes and the Advo groups to make inclusion recreation on campus. The short of it is that AIR is not inclusive. OSL has recently pulled-out and we are wondering if the SSD should be involved. The spaces are not inclusive, and what is hard is the room is full of white, cis, and mostly het people. The diversity that AIR once had is now lost. What came out of the meeting is that there isn’t a lot that can be done because we are competing with Vikes. CARSA is a business and they need to make revenue and that is the priority and inclusion is not the priority. That is the short of the meeting today. The last thing is that folks in the meeting today had to leave early so we will go to the next meeting to talk more and then we can make a decision on our continuance. Other things to report book club was hosted but no one showed up and that’s okay, maybe leading up to reading week and SEXPO there was a lot going on we will try again next month. Next week is the workshop on Study Tips for Neurodivergent students. 
    3. Campaigns
      1. Access4All – meeting on Friday and we will be meeting bi-weekly. 

Email Motion – January 19th 2023

WHEREAS the SSD supports actions to reduce sexualized and gender-based violence in post-secondary education; and,

WHEREAS the Alliance of BC Students has asked the SSD to sign on to their open letter calling on the provincial government to take action regarding sexualized and gender-based violence in post-secondary education; therefore,

BIRT the SSD formally sign on to the Alliance of BC Students’ open letter on sexualized violence advocacy, found here:



MOTION 2023/01/17: 01 – Jacob/Emma

WHEREAS the SSD needs to restock office/space supplies (postage stamps, strong easy stapler, acrylic card holders, wall calendar, X-ACTO knives, fidgets, and model magic);

BIRT the SSD approves up to $250 for office/space supplies.


  1. Food security program – Make a plan on how we move forward. We have 40 people who have signed up. $7856 of our $9500 have been used and we will likely reach our limit. Our two options are, do we increase the budget? or have a waitlist option? Those who have not submitted their receipts can work down the waitlist. We could go up to $13,000. Food security is a big issue right now. As long as folks who are not on council have equal access to the program we are good. This will be brought to the AGM for approval by council. We are in favour of increasing the limit!
  2. Discord – We found out last Thursday that all UVSS groups can not be affiliated with Discord. Unless it can be 24/7 moderated by staff. We either shut down the discord or change it so it is not affiliated with SSD. We know people use the discord, but we can not use the discord to run events anymore. There is a chance in the future it can be revisited but it may never happen and definitely won’t happen soon. Disabled Students Community Discord. We will be moving almost everything onto ZOOM now, we will have to try and find a solution for Movie Night. 
  3. AGM – Everyone will step down from their position and we will do elections. If you can’t come to the meeting but want to be part of the council email Julia. 
  4. Strategic planning – Tabled till next meeting. 
  5. Anti-racist posters – Tabled till next meeting. 
  6. Strolls for Reproductive Justice – Tabled till next meeting.
  7. Facilities Management point person – Tabled till next meeting. 
  8. Campaigns – Tabled till next meeting. 
    1. Invisible Disabilities – March 6th to 10th
    2. Dynamic Disabilities – March 20th to 24th
  9. New release movie rentals – Tabled till next meeting. 
  10. NEADS event in March – Tabled till next meeting. 
  11. Adding council members to Teams – Tabled till next meeting. 
  12. Open discussion 
  1. IN-CAMERA – Victoria/Jacob

In-camera: 4:04

Funding requests – AP and AM

  • AP- We approved up to $968.61 there was a slight delay in shipping info costs have changed. We now have to improve up to $1000 with this change.
    • Carries
  • AM – Applied under technology and eyeglass. We will approve up to $590 pending confirmation that the glasses wouldn’t be covered under UVic’s health plan.
    • Carries

Out of camera – Victoria/Emma

Out of camera: 4:10


Council Meetings – February 28th at 3 pm (AGM)

Weekly Staff/Exec (Thrive) Meetings – usually Thursdays at 2 pm (email to confirm the date of the next Thrive meeting if you’d like to attend)

  1. ADJOURNMENT – 4:45

Thank you for coming!