Gender, Sexuality, and Disability: Exploring the intersectionality between Queerness and Disability.

June 21st. 4:30pm. Facilitated by Hannah and co-hosted by Faye.

This workshop sets out to explore some of the current ideas knowledge base around the intersection between disabled and queer identities, how society can view these themes, and what this means for the experiences folks who live their lives in this intersectionality. This workshop will be facilitated by Hannah (pronouns: they/them) who is a PhD student here at UVic, a member of both the SSD and UVic Pride, and who is involved in various advocacy efforts on campus. They have lived experience of this intersectionality as they are a queer and disabled student. The workshop will take place live via Zoom, with a recording provided upon request afterword’s.

Accessibility Statement:

This event is open to all students, staff, and community members. It will be hosted virtually on Zoom, with Zooms own close captioning enabled. Individuals requiring additional accommodations to participate can email us at