September 19th at 3:30 pm PDT on Zoom

Meeting link:

In attendance: Adrean, Julia, Rowan, Anika, Andrea, Hannah, Zackary, Allie, Cate, Victoria, Alexa

  • LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Chair offers land acknowledgment.
      1. Adoption of today’s agenda – Carries (Andrea/Hannah)
      2. Ratification of August 15th minutes – Ratified
  1. Council
    1. Chairperson: Julia

Thanks and acknowledges the organizers and volunteers of the Mental Health Fair on Friday. Suggests the event return each semester or annually.

We’re hiring an education/administration coordinator. Currently taking applications and interviewing. We should have a new hire by the next meeting (next month).

  1. Treasurer: Hannah

Has been working behind the scenes on Food Security, looking at ways to support students. Frequently in the space with other staff and active tabling. Here to support whenever people want to know about financial issues and budgets.

  1. Student Liaison: Victoria

Has been addressing questions via Discord. Happy about the online resources and people coming to the space.

  1. SSD Rep UVSS: Cate

Not much to share. Has been keeping up the with board meetings and working with Adrean, as co-facilitator. Happy about tabling during CCU and MHF.

(Victoria has question about CAL resources and GSS) – Can’t remember what the context was but there was a campaign, making CAL more inclusive re. accommodations. The UVSS can’t do much with CAL – separate entities.

Hannah – mentions there were meetings with CAL, esp. Rowan (director?). If there are specific issues, there are connections we have with CAL and we will be heard.

Victoria – mentions that there are barriers to members not addressed by CAL, specifically the ability or requirement to be on campus regularly. The UVSS can’t help, maybe GSS. Suggests a combined front (with CAL) to address this barrier.

Hannah – appreciates this but CAL cannot change class modalities; these are UVIC wide issues. Has a good working relationship with someone at GSS who is compassionate about this access problem.

  1. International Student Rep: (vacant)
  2. Graduate Student Rep: Andrea
  3. Secretary: Anika

Not much to report. Enjoyed tabling at CCU with Adrean. Unfortunately missed the Mental Health Resource Fair due to illness. Happy to meet new people to UVIC and the SSD.

  1. General Members at Large: Alexa, Alison, Emma, Jacob, Rowan, Vanessa, and Zack

Rowan – responded to e-mail. Sorry to miss out on tabling/volunteering.

Zack – has to leave at 4:30.

Victoria – warns members of anti-trans protests downtown Victoria tomorrow.

  1. Staff
    1. Adrean

Lots of tabling, welcoming new members, introducing people to CAL and informing folks on how to register. We have giveaway winners (newsletter) and lots of new people in the space.

Hiring is ongoing for the work study positions. Invites us to apply before the 29th. 

We’re going to the board game cafe on Friday. Link is in the bio to register.

Recovering from tabling! It was great.

  1. Bella

(Adrean reads from note) I’m adjusting to the new schedule as an MA student. I’m working a few days a week, going to part time hours from full time.

Working with the provincial disability alliance.

I’ll be doing the giveaway announcements this week.

I hope to join you all at the next meeting.


Email Motion – 08/22/2023: 01 

WHEREAS the SSD supports safer-sex and menstrual products being available to UVic students for free; therefore,

BIRT the SSD will donate $300 to the Gender Empowerment Centre for the purchase of additional safer-sex and menstrual products for the beginning of the school year.

Email Motion – 08/22/2023: 02

WHEREAS the SSD requires that extended warranties of at least two years are purchased with all laptop/computer purchases through the Funding Request Program; and,

WHEREAS some students may prefer to purchase the extended warranty themselves; therefore,

BIRT the SSD will send any student wanting to purchase their own extended warranty this document to sign, requiring that the student must send proof of extended warranty purchase within 60 days of the device purchase.

Email Motion – 2023/09/08: 01

WHEREAS the SSD is committed to students’ mental health and wellbeing on and off campus; and,

WHEREAS the SSD strives to connect students with relevant organizations to support their success; and,

WHEREAS over 30 organizations have agreed to attend the upcoming mental health resource fair in the Michele Pujol Room; therefore,

BIRT the SSD spends up to $1000 for a mental health resource fair on September 15th 2023.

Email Motion 2023/09/13: 01

WHEREAS the SSD endeavors to provide members of our community with opportunities to build community and connect with other students; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves up to $1000 for a Board Game Cafe event to take place on September 22nd, 2023, including covering the cost of admission and up to $20 of food/non-alcoholic beverages per person.



MOTION 2023/09/19: 01   Victoria, Alexa.

WHEREAS the SSD strives to promote food security for our community, and thus the SSD has provided food security programming in past semesters; therefore, 

BIRT the SSD approves the Revised Fall 2023 Food Security Policy; and,

BIFRT the SSD approves up to $15,000 for the Fall 2023 Food Security Program budget.

  1. Mental Health Resource Fair

Julia – Participating organizations were invited to provide videos. It may cost thousands of dollars. We’ll look into grant options. It should be easy to achieve with community grants. It would be useful to hear about mental health resources available around town.

  1. Online resource library – funding
  1. Professional Development Funding for Council Members

Julia – We can no longer pay for this. There may be other professional development things we can do for our members and help them to be more effective in their roles. Don’t sign up if you’re looking for reimbursement.

  1. Council Meeting Times

Julia – does this time work or should we have rotating times? 

  1. 1 Million March 4 Children tomorrow

Adrean – The anti-trans march is happening across Canada tomorrow. It will be really spooky. Across various UVSS groups, we’ve decided a buddy system and more campus security presence in the building would be beneficial. 

Hannah – I’ll be in the sub until half past seven.

Adrean – I thought it would be nice if we gave out hot chocolate to help with the deep sadness. It’s been an intense day. It’s emotionally heavy for everyone. I’ve arranged this with catering. We will combat it with hot chocolate and love.

Julia – it’s under $500 so yes I think we can approve hot chocolate.

  1. Graduate Students’ Society

Andrea – question about relationship between SSD and GSS board.

Julia – former chair came to Access 4 All meetings. Zack and Hannah may have more context.

Zack – there isn’t a formal pathway for collaboration. They simply advocate (within the department) for accessibility. Officially stepping down from their GSS position this year. Unclear if there will be better ways to collaborate than being a GSS rep. Suggests mission/position statements may help. As a remote student, it was difficult to access supports.

Julia – it’s worthwhile to send an e-mail and ask to set-up a meeting. We worked with them previously. The current board may know about the SSD or have some awareness. Due to the reticence of students to interact with the SSD and self identify as disabled (as undergrads), it’s unlikely that grad students will want to speak up/interact with us. Questions whether GSS will want to participate

Hannah – Kyla is the current director of GSS. They are a champion of all things accessible and have personally been supportive. We’ve had good interactions in the past. They may be an ally but it’s important to reach out.

Andrea – we could ask to be part of the conversation and meet with them. Welcomes members of SSD to meet with the GSS. Suggests we make a presentation and bring an ASL or LSQ person with us to help demonstrate the point.


Funding requests – SD, AK, SA, KTH, PL, RV


Council Meetings – tbd

Weekly Staff/Exec (Thrive) Meetings – Wednesdays at 4 pm – email Adrean at if you’d like to attend (all council members welcome)

Access4All Meetings – tbd


Thank you for coming!