August 15th at 11 am PDT on Zoom

Meeting link:

In attendance: Julia, Alison, Anika, Andrea, Brooklyn, Allie, Alexa, Hannah, Bella, Vanessa

  • LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Chair offers land acknowledgement. Andrea offers acknowledgment for Calgary. 
      1. Adoption of today’s agenda – Hannah/Andrea – Carries – Move to amend agenda. 
      2. Ratification of June 6th minutesHannah/Andrea – Carries
  1. Council
    1. Chairperson: Julia
      1. A4A trying to get recorded lectures and try to explain to Profs how this could be helpful. Reached out to the disability Law clinic to get advice. Making a list of suggested edits to the undergrad attendance policy. Meeting with Anna-Elaine yesterday and she is going to put together a lobbying training for us. Mental Health Resource Fair on September 15th 7 organisations confirmed so far. 
    2. Treasurer: Hannah
      1. Attended the ARC meeting and the budget was officially approved. Moving the Funding requests over to staff, and has been involved in all the A4A stuff. Will be back in Victoria in a few weeks. 
    3. Student Liaison: Victoria
      1. Not Present
    4. SSD Rep UVSS: Cate
      1. Not Present 
    5. International Student Rep: (vacant)
    6. Graduate Student Rep: Andrea
      1. Nothing to report
    7. Secretary: Anika
      1. Nothing to report
    8. General Members at Large: Alexa (Nothing to report), Alison (Nothing to report), Emma (Not Present), Jacob (Not present), Rowan (Not Present), Vanessa (Nothing to report), and Zack (Not Present)
  2. Staff
    1. Bella
      1. Ordered swag, printed handbills, hosted button making event, worked on organising items and funding for SSD booth. Working on supporting Adrean’s emails and completing funding requests.
    2. Adrean – on leave
    3. Brooklyn
      1. Working through the Food Security cheque req, the form for summer is now closed and all deadlines have been passed. Just getting through it all. Been talking with some council and staff about the current work situation. Is currently also working at the Library. I have made the decision that I will resign from my position here and will leave in early September. Will be working on some succession planning. Making the transition as smooth as possible. 
  3. Campaigns
    1. Access4All

Julia requests a shift of timing from 2:00pm Friday to 2:30pm or 3:00pm due to an appointment. Please direct questions to Allie.

  1. Introductions

Allie uses she/her pronouns. Constituency director who works with various groups at the UVSS. Makes sure policies and procedures are followed and that people are informed of these processes. She checks the funding requests and budgets. Commends SSD as being a very organised group.

  1. Questions for Allie

No questions so far. Office door is usually open, across from directors offices. Invites us to check in with her and chat with any questions.


MOTION 2023/08/15: 01 – Andrea/Hannah

WHEREAS the SSD’s Access4All campaign will be engaging in more lobbying efforts and,

WHEREAS the SSD would like to increase the lobbying skills of Access4All campaign members; therefore,

BIRT the SSD pay up to $500 for lobbying training with Anna-Elaine Rempel.


  1. Mental Health Resources Fair – September 15th 11 am to 3 pm
    1. Hannah would like to help with the Mental Health Fair.
  2. Volunteers for Campus Kick-Off and Clubs and Course Union Days tabling
    1. Hannah requests sign-up document. Bella offers to make one if it doesn’t already exist.
    2. Bella offers volunteer sign-up document 
  3. Fall meeting times
    1. Julia offers that members can e-mail her with their schedules to help decide available dates/times for meetings.
  1. IN-CAMERA – Hannah/Andrea

Funding requests – SH, MRM and MM

  1. SH  – Carries
  2. MM  – Carries
  3. MRM  – Carries

Move out – Hannah/Andrea


Council Meetings – tbd

Weekly Staff/Exec (Thrive) Meetings – usually Thursdays at 11 am PDT – email if you’d like to attend

Access4All Meetings – general A4A meetings every other Friday at 2:30 pm PDT; Attendance Policy Advocacy Committee meetings every other Thursday at 2 pm; see the Access4All running agenda for Zoom link and schedule

  1. ADJOURNMENT – 11:59am

Thank you for coming!