Society for Students with a Disability (SSD)

Special General Meeting

July 18th 2023 at 2:30pm

Zoom link:

Attendance: Julia, Bella, Anika, Victoria, Adrean, Cleo, Alison, Kushi, Rowan, Ravi, Niaomi, Jacob, Alisha, Allie, Hannah, Emma, Grace, Lane, Muskan, Vanessa, Callum

  • Welcome 
  • Acknowledgement of Territories – Chair offer Land Acknowledgement 
  • Adoption of Agenda and Ratification of the Minutes – Jacob/Hannah
  • Ratification of AGM minutes 
        1. 2023 AGM MinutesCarries
  • Adoption of today’s (July 18th 2023) SGM agenda – Victoria/Hannah – Carries
  • General Overview & Introduction to the SSD
      1. Chair gives overview
  • Reports 
  • Council 
        1. Chairperson
          1. First Post-Secondary Disability Symposium with NEADS – Presentations and panel discussions, hopefully it will be a yearly event. It went really well.
          2. British Columbia Post-Secondary Alliance – BCPSA – all the groups working together! – everyone seems to like the A4A campaign and could be a BC wide campaign.
        2. Treasurer 
          1. We have had the end of the budget year and have started the new one on May 1st. 
          2. Quick overview of the last budget year.- 22-23 YtD.xlsx
        3. Student Liaison
          1. It’s been very busy since February a lot of helping people navigate the UVic system. 70-75 folks to assist. Some minor concerns and some heartbreaking concerns, not being able to find services for all folks. Lots of demands for food banks and soup kitchens. It’s been hard to not have access to our discord. 
        4. General Members at Large
          1. Jacob – Nothing to report
          2. Emma – chronic pain support groups and disabled & queer community circle. Working on a mental health fair for September.
  • Staff
        1. Office Coordinator
          1. Disabled artists colouring book, food security has been important, engagement, relationship building, lots of action with A4A, we have a meeting this Friday. Apply for grants to get lots of SWAG for September. Going on Parental leave. We will be doing presentations for 5 days of action in Oct/Nov.
        2. Research & Communications Coordinator
          1. Hoping to get to 1000 followers, looking at doing an event in august, for button making, bug zoo, Lots of prep for september, creating lots of content, handbills, tv screen ads, online content, infographics, event planning, Tik Toks, Monthly Newsletters, Disability Pride Month, Creating volunteer positions
        3. Education & Administrative Coordinator
          1. Grocery reimbursements, workshop creations, career and co-op positions, creating the annual report
  • Elections
  • Motion to appoint an Electoral Officer and Scrutineer Jacob/Hannah
      1. Bella – Electoral Officer 
      2. Adrean – Scrutineer
  • Nominations for Vacant Council Positions
  1. Nominations open for SSD UVSS Representative
    1. Lane nominates Cate 
    2. Lane and Adrean motivate
    3. Vote carried out and passed
  2. Nominations open for Secretary
    1. Anika nominates themselves 
    2. Anika motivates
    3. Vote carried out and passed
  3. Nominations open for International Students’ Representative
    1. No nominations: position remains vacant
  4. Nominations open for Graduate Students’ Representative
    1. Julia nominates Andrea
    2. Julia motivates
    3. Vote carried out and passed
  5. Nominations open for General Members at Large
    1. Julia nominates Zack
    2. Julia motivates for Zack
    3. Vote carried out and passed
    4. Alison nominates themselves
    5. Alison motivates for themselves
    6. Vote carried out and passed
    7. Rowan nominates themselves
    8. Rowan motivates for themselves
    9. Vote carried out and passed
    10. Alexa nominates themselves 
    11. Adrean motivates for Alexa 
    12. Vote carried out and passed
    13. Vanessa nominates themselves
    14. Vanessa motivates for themselves
    15. Vote carried out and passed
  • Business
  • Email Motions

Email Motion – 06/29/2023: 01

WHEREAS the SSD supports students to succeed at UVic; and,

WHEREAS due to an error at CAL, one student needs $400 to cover their Learning Assistance Program (LAP) costs from last semester; therefore,

BIRT that the SSD provide $400 to pay off this student’s LAP bill.

Email Motion – 07/05/2023:01

WHEREAS the SSD endeavours to provide members of our community with opportunities to build community and connect with other students; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves up to $300 for a summer event at the Beacon Hill Park, including the cost of admission for the Petting Zoo, followed by an ice cream at the Beacon Hill Drive-In.


  • Motions

MOTION 2023/07/18: 01 – Jacob/Hannah

WHEREAS the SSD strives to promote food security for our community, and thus the SSD has provided food security programming in past semesters; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves the Fall 2023 SSD Food Security Policy.docx; and,

BIFRT the SSD approves up to $15,000 for the Fall 2023 Food Security Program budget.


MOTION 2023/07/18: 02 – Jacob/Hannah

WHEREAS the SSD endeavors to provide members of our community with opportunities to build community and connect with other students; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves up to $500 for a beginning of semester board game cafe event, including covering the cost of admission and up to $20 of food/non-alcoholic beverages per person.


MOTION 2023/07/18: 03 – Jacob/Hannah

WHEREAS the SSD wishes to reach as many students as possible in the upcoming semester through outreach opportunities; and, 

WHEREAS the SSD seeks to grow its on campus presence and community through participating in the new semester’s kick off events; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves a budget up to $5,000 for branded SWAG (fidget toys, phone card holders, buttons, stickers, posters), unbranded items (calm strips, Welch’s fruit snacks, juice boxes, freezies) to give away for the Fall 2023 tabling events, as well as printing costs (welcome package infographics for new residents, handbills, bookmarks). 


MOTION 2023/07/18: 04 –  Hannah/Callum

WHEREAS the SSD strives to support disabled students on campus by providing respite and access to light refreshments and easy meals; and,

WHEREAS the SSD purchases a variety of snacks, and easy meals for on campus consumption and takeaway for at home for students’ open access; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves $1,000 for the Fall 2023 semester for the purchase and delivery of space snacks and simple convenient meals.


MOTION 2023/07/18: 05 – Hannah/Callum

WHEREAS the SSD ambitiously adheres to the UVSS Safer Spaces Policy, and seeks to create welcoming spaces for students to relax; and 

WHEREAS the SSD’s existing Code of Conduct and COVID-19 space guidelines policy require updates to continue to support safer spaces; therefore, 

BIRT the SSD approves the updated SSD Code of Conduct, streamlining the two previous policies. 


  • Special Resolutions
  • Motion to amend Constitution – Hannah/Callum
  • BIRT the following linked changes to the Constitution, outlined in this document


  • Discussion
  • Council Onboarding & Training Dates 

  • Council Bios for Website
  • Committee Formations
      1. Funding request committee
      2. #Access4All committee
      3. Post-Secondary Disability Alliance committee
  • Mac Replacement 
  • Adjournment – 3:56pm