COVID-19 Space Guidelines

Updated Guidelines 03.02.22

Entering and Exiting

  • When entering the space *(applicable to everyone entering the space, no exceptions aka “i’ll just be2 mins”):
    1. After welcoming them to the SSD and explaining what you’re going to do and why it’s important we screen, ask:
      • Do you have any of the following symptoms, not related to a preexisting condition:
        • Fever or chills
        • Stuffy or runny nose
        • Sore throat
        • Painful swallowing
        • Difficulty breathing
        • Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting
        • Fatigue
        • New or worsening cough
        • Muscle aches
        • Loss of sense of smell or taste
        • Abdominal pain
        • Discolouration of fingers and/or toes
      • Have you been outside the country, asked to self isolate, or in contact with someone with Covid19 or new respiratory symptoms?
      • Until we get an iPad or tablet, ask to see a piece of PHOTO ID and proof of vaccination (this can be the immunization card given at the immunization clinic or their province/country’s proof of vaccine QR code or card). Visually match.
    2. Assuming all the answers are appropriate, they must use hand sanitizer, and take one of our new masks, and then use hand sanitizer AGAIN. This second hand sanitizing is key, they have just touched their face to put the new mask on.
  • If they exit, no matter how long or short, they must use hand sanitizer again upon entry. If it’s within 4 hours/same day, and you remember them, we will ask the questions again by simply asking “has anything changed since you were here earlier?” IF it is a new day, ask all the questions again.
  • When exiting the space:
    1. EVERYTHING people bring in, must be brought out; “if you brought it in, you bring it out.”This includes cups, garbage etc. Please direct them to the bins within the sub outside the SSD.
    2. We will provide gloves, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, and paper towels. In providing these, students have options on what they would like to use when wiping down the spot they just used. This is mandatory, unless it is not reasonable for us to ask this of them (accessibility/mobility limitations etc.), in which case staff will wipe down.


Important notes:

  • Eating or drinking in the space: unfortunately we have to enforce UVic policy. Thus, no eating or drinking. However, we can allow people to drink if they aren’t walking around.
  • Beginning February 15th (ish, dependant on when we get the iPad/tablet) and we can reevaluate on the 15th of each month with a predicted end in May.
  • If someone answers “yes” to the symptoms and it is not a preexisting condition they cannot enter the space.
  • If they have a medical exemption, they can enter the space. Medical exemption must be in the form of a medical doctors note.
  • Our policy will be posted on all social media platforms and our website.
  • If someone has been outside the country but not asked to self isolate, and they are fully vaccinated (two vaccines) they can enter the space.
  • Two vaccinations are considered fully vaccinated.
  • You cannot scan on your personal devices, must use the SSD tablet/iPad.
  • We will NOT record any personal information at any time. Meaning, DO NOT write down anywhere whether someone is vaccinated or not or if they had certain symptoms. We are not collecting or storing private information.
  • If someone has been in contact with someone who may have Covid, they cannot enter the space.
  • Double masking alters the fit of the masks; we ask people to remove their old mask and put ONE of ours on. Some people may have allergies to the masks we provide in that case they can put ours on top.
  • Staff wipe down/clean everything: beginning of shift, mid shift, and end of shift.
  • Everything used/being shared MUST be able to be wiped down eg. laminating papers etc. that will be shared.
  • Choose one seat/space to sit in, no ‘mingling.’
  • Social distancing at all times. If, for a valid reason, staff need to get close to a student, less than 6ft aka no social distancing, please put on eye protection (face shield, googles etc.) in addition to your mask.