UVic Walkout 2022

The UVic Walkout 2022 is a series of mid-class/lecture walkouts by students from the University of Victoria (UVic); this strategy is part of the #Access4All campaign and demands the following from UVic:

  1. Hybrid access to classes, tutorials, and labs for those unable to attend in-person,
  2. That UVic overtly work with the #Access4All committee in advocating for funding from the provincial government to ensure hybrid access to course, lecture, tutorial, and lab materials in a way that professors and students feel supported, and
  3. Ensure that students who are ill or self-isolating will not have marks deducted for doing so, whether or not a medical note is provided.

Since returning to in-person classes on January 24th, 2022, many students (and some professors!) are uncomfortable or unable to return to full-time in-person classes for a variety of reasons. Notably, students with disabilities and mental health conditions, mature and immunocompromised students, and those who have at-home dependents, work alongside their studies, or who are unable to afford rent in Victoria are disproportionately impacted by a return to in-person classes.

The second of the UVic Walkout 2022 series will take place on Thursday, April 7th from 1PM-3PM.

Meeting time and location: 1PM outside UVSS

We encourage students to join us; instructors and staff are also welcome! There will be snacks, tent cover, and more!


The April 07th Walkout 2022 event will deliver a letter to the UVic Executive that includes our three demands. If UVic fails to adequately address demands, further actions will take place.

Our main priority is for all students to be able to access course learning materials (lecture recordings, slides with vocal explanations, tutorials, labs, etc.) online during the ongoing pandemic and as we move into a post-pandemic world.

We are pro in-person learning, we are pro-accessible learning materials and against mandatory in-class attendance. We demand accessible learning options for students during the on-going pandemic, and beyond.