“When I am depressed, I need to be alone… I do not need or want a witness. I need to garden, paint or sleep… whatever it is I need in the moment… my body and heart knows what to do to preserve me and keep me safe. This process allows me to move through the moment with peace and grace. When I am depressed, it is not about you… What you did or did not do. I understand that how I am feeling and responding or not responding may impact you. I don’t want it to. It is so hard for me to manage how I am feeling, I cannot manage your feelings at the same time – in fact it can make it worse for me. Which will make it worse for you (…and on and on it goes…). I cannot reassure you when I am in the midst of it. So, let’s talk about it when we are both able to have the conversation… when I am not depressed, when we both have time and the energy. Let’s create a shorthand together… and let’s respect and honour the shorthand. And if you need a shorthand for something? Just let me know. Let’s communicate clearly and respectfully.”