Join UVIC SSD, GEM, and PSC in a stroll for reproductive rights on Friday, August 19th.

The purpose of this three-part event is to show solidarity for our neighbors while also raising Canadians awareness and  to ensure our protection of basic human rights in Canada.

The initiative is a response to the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade in the so-called United States, actions which have removed access to abortion services for many.

In consideration of this, we position ourselves as a harm reductive, trans-inclusive, and accessible movement intentionally making space for these difficult conversations and their emotional responses. 

Revoking the right to abortion is a direct attack on healthcare access, bodily autonomy and reproductive sovereignty. These impacts are felt most deeply by the marginalized members of our communities including Indigenous people, people of colour, gender non-conforming folks, those of a lower socio-economic status, queer folks, and disabled individuals. This devastating legislative change has dangerous potential to impact the right to abortion in so-called Canada and other nation states. As such,  The Solidarity Stroll is a demonstration of our support for universal access to reproductive health care services across so-called North America. As well as vocalizing our support for those targeted by the overturning of Roe v. Wade, we will be sharing information about safer abortion access, raising funds for local reproductive health providers, and drawing attention to intersectional impacts of abortion care.

Reproductive freedom is essential to health

Please join us on the 19th by meeting outside the SUB around noon before beginning  a march around ring road.

Additional events will take place on September 19th and October 21st, the latter of which will include a panelist of speakers.