Happy February!!

My good food box this week came with a lot of apples and a lot of beets, so I decided ready-to-go smoothie bags were the best way to use them! I don’t know about you, but I’m always really busy this time of year, so I’m all about quick and easy meals.

Keep reading for this week’s recipe!

Ready-to-go Smoothies:







  1. Wash your beets and apples first, with lukewarm water.
  2. Peel your beets and boil them for 5-10 minutes on the stove
  3. Drain the beets once they have softened, then let them cool for a few minutes
  4. Cut up all of the ingredients into 1-inch cubes
  5. Portion the cubed fruits and vegetables into plastic baggies or containers and freeze!
  6. When you want a smoothie, remove one bag from the freezer and put it in your blender with water or milk!


  1. You can substitute any of the ingredients with your favourite fruits and vegetables, just make sure to wash them first! I added peaches to mine after since the beets have a very earthy taste.
  2. Feel free to add protein powder, chia seeds, or yogurt to make your smoothy even healthier!
  3. If you find that the beets taste too “earthy”, cut the number of beets in half and increase the amount of kiwi or banana

 Accessibility Ideas:

  1. Make sure you keep an eye on the beets as they boil so the pot doesn’t start boiling over!
  2. I used disposable plastic lunch baggies to store mine, so I didn’t need to use up energy washing more containers after
  3. Beets can be a bit tough to chop, if you find them too hard to cut you can boil them for a few more minutes to soften them
3 small plastic bags with chopped fruit inside, including beets, kiwi, apple, and banana