Meeting Minutes – 01.10.2020

Society for Students with Disabilities


Council Members: ES, JG, TW, JuD, NB

Staff: FL, SP, NK

  1. Call to Order

ES called to order 5:45pm

  1. Territory Acknowledgement

We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.

ES acknowledges territories.

  1. Adoption of Agenda and Ratification of Minutes
  • Adoption of Agenda
    1. Agenda of 2020.10.01

Motion to adopt the agenda: TW/JG

Motion to amend the agenda: NB/JG

Add the following to new business:

     Motion 2020.10.01: 03 – NB

BIRT the SSD’s Council Meetings for the Fall 2020 term are set for the following dates at a recurring time of 5:30 pm.

October 15th

October 29th

November 12th

November 26

December 10th

    Motion 2020.10.01: 05 – NB

WHEREAS the NSU has requested the SSD’s assistance with purchasing a OneCard activated door-lock to replace the current key lock to improve the accessibility to the space and reduce barriers faced by students with mobility challenges in borrowing the key from the General Office.

BIRT the SSD approves purchasing a OneCard activated lock for the NSU at a maximum of $1,500.

    Discussion Point 2020.10.01: 02 – NB

Brightspaces Accessibility

Motion carries

Motion to amend the agenda: NB/TW

Add Motion 2020.10.01: 06: BIRT that the SSD approve $100 towards technology upgrades, software and work from home set up for staff.

Motion carries.

Agenda is adopted as amended.

  • Ratification of Minutes
    1. Council Meeting Minutes of 2020.09.09

Motion to ratify minutes: JG/JuD

Motion carries.

  1. Reports

Council Members

Chairperson – ES

Treasurer – DB – absent (out of country – family emergency)

UVSS Representative – NB

Student Liaison — JG

Graduate Student Representative – S – absent

International Student Representative – vacant

General Member at Large – NBa – absent

General Member at Large – TW – stepping down from Advocacy Committee chair

General Member at Large – JD – absent

General Member at Large – JuD

General Member at Large – vacant

General Member at Large – vacant

Staff report – NK, FL, SP

  1. Main Motions
  2. Priority Business

         Motion 2020.10.01: 01 – NB/JuD

BIRT the SSD approves the payment of honorariums of $25 an hour for up to three hours for individuals leading the weekly Crafting Events for the fall 2020 and winter 2021 semester.

Motion carries

Motion 2020.10.01: 02 – JG/JuD

BIRT the SSD change the wording in the SSD Funding Policy to specify the “maximum” dollar amount beside the request categories per funding application.

Motion to amend: NB/JuD

Specify the maximum dollar amount listed by each category is per funding application (instead of replacing maximum with estimate)

Amendment carries.

Motion carries.

Motion 2020.10.01: 03— NB/JG

BIRT the job description for Communication and Research Coordinator be approved as written.

Motion carries.

  1. New Business

Motion 2020.10.01: 04 – JG/TW

BIRT the SSD’s Council Meetings for the Fall 2020 term are set for the following dates at a recurring time of 5:30 pm.

October 15th

October 29th

November 12th

November 26th

December 10th

Old Business


Motion to recess for 10 minutes at 7:51pm: NB/JG

Motion carries.

  1. Priority Discussion
  2. 2020.10.01: 06 – JG

SSD Focus Groups

Focus groups to assess accessibility barriers to institutional structures in higher education. Possibility to make changes higher up the educational stream in the province, too.

A funding proposal can be sent to ARC in order to compensate participants in the survey.

Possibility of including recommendations or suggestions for how to ameliorate barriers in the letter was brought

  1. Old Discussion

2020.10.01: 07 – NB

The UVSS is having reports of Brightspace accessibility issues. They are considering of sending out a separate survey to students regarding this.

  1. In Camera
  2. Personnel Committee Report
  3. Funding Request Review
  4. Meeting Times

Executive Meeting: Thursday Oct 8 at 5:30pm

Next Meeting: Thursday, Oct 15 at 5:30pm

  1. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:34pm