Meeting Minutes – 2020.11.26

Society for Students with Disabilities

Council Members: Emily, Natalie, Jana, Julia, Sarah, Natasha, Jason, Jonathan

Staff: Nakita, Sophie, Faye

  • Call to Order

Emily called to order at 5:42 pm.

  • Territory Acknowledgement

We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.

Emily acknowledges the territories.

  • Adoption of Agenda
  • Ratification of Minutes of 2020/11/12

Motion to adopt minutes: Natasha/Natalie

Motion carries. 

  •       Adoption of Agenda of 2020/11/26 

Motion to adopt agenda: Julia/Sarah

Motion to amend the agenda: Natalie/Jon

to add the tabled motion from last meeting as follows:

BIRT the SSD approves the proposed Advocacy Groups Policy as attached.”

To old business

Motion carries.

Motion to amend the agenda: Julia/Sarah

Add discussion regarding mental health support kits

Motion carries.

  •       Reports

Council Members

Chairperson – Emily

Treasurer – Diksha – absent

UVSS Representative – Natalie

Student Liaison — Jonathan – focus groups still happening

Graduate Student Representative – Sarah

International Student Representative – vacant

General Member at Large – Natasha

General Member at Large – Tiffany – absent

General Member at Large – Jason

General Member at Large – Julia

General Member at Large – Jana 

General Member at Large – vacant

Staff report – Nakita, Faye, Sophie


  •        Main Motions   
  •        Priority Business

 2020.11.26: 03 — Sarah/Julia

BIRT $500 be approved for spending on a student family holiday reimbursement program, to a maximum of $50 per student.

Motion to amend: Natalie/Julia

BIRT the SSD approves the allocation of $500 for a student family holiday reimbursement program, to a maximum of $50 per student. Funds will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, with a preference given to students with families and dependents. Scope and limitation of reimbursements will be according to the Grocery Reimbursement Program Policy.  

Motion carries.

  •        New Business
  •        Old Business

2020.11.26: 04 – Natalie/Julia

BIRT the SSD approves the proposed Advocacy Groups Policy as attached. Online link can be found here:

Motion to add this item “Advocacy Groups Policy Document” as a recurring discussion item for future SSD meetings until the policy is formally approved by the SSD council.

Motion carries by consensus.

  •        Discussion
  •        Priority Discussion

2020.11.26: 05 – Emily

SSD Logos

1B and 1C seem to be favorites.

Social media poll on 1C vs. 2A better on revised logos to be posted by Sophie

2020.11.26: 06 – Julia

    Mental health support kits

    Possibility of the SSD topping up funding for this by a couple hundred $$ in    the future

  •       Old Discussion
  •       In Camera
  •       Personnel Committee Report
  •       Funding Request Review
  •       Meeting Times

Next Meeting — 10th December 2020 at 5:30pm; will also be an online dinner meeting.

  •       Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:04pm