Friday, November 18th, 2022 – Zoom, 4 pm to 5:30 pm PST

Attendance: Julia, Hannah, Andrea, Kate, Parker, Bella, Adrean, Emma, Coco

  • LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Chair gives acknowledgement 
      1. Adoption of today’s agenda – (Kate/Emma) – Carries
      2. Ratification of November 4th minutes (Kate/Parker) – Carries 
    1. Council
      1. Chairperson: Julia 
        • Education and Administration Coordinator position has closed – Interviews on Thursday
        • NEADS about accessibility rating form – Rate My Prof but accessibility
        • A4A meeting next Friday at 3:30pm
        • Panel about accessible learning – Transition from High School to University. How can we support students before they start at UVic
        • Peer Support groups – prepping for next semester early to set all the supports up in advance
      2. Treasurer: Hannah Brown
        • The two 4th November Funding Requests have been purchased – did all paperwork
        • The 21st October Funding Request is still in progress- complicated and student is having a lot of issues with UVic in general and lack of accessibility or support- working with them for advocacy and to get this sorted
        • Food Security- lots of admin work to deal with food security reimbursement forms- 6/7 documents for each student- been dealing with these
        • On the Hiring committee for the Education and Admin Position we are hiring, closed Monday so shortlisted and interviews coming soon
        • Advocacy- A4A (poster) and SFRJ (planning and anti-racism)
        • Dealing with individual students concerns and questions as they arise
        • Attended the slime making and board game café events- lots of fun!
      3. Student Liaison: Victoria – Not Present
      4. SSD Rep UVSS: Parker
        • UVSS Board meeting – learning what you can and can not say
        • Spreading all of the events/programs we have
      5. International Student Rep: Hannah Boncan – Not Present
      6. Graduate Student Rep: Zack – Not Present
      7. Secretary: Emma – No report
      8. General Members at Large: Natasha, Kate, Jacob, and Coco
        • Kate – Mandating masks around UVic, partnering with UVic AIR – Group fitness (emailing Adrean)
    2. Staff
      1. Adrean
        • Workstudies have been great – we created dry food boxes on Wednesday
        • Five Days of Action – reconnected with some professors (Possible collab with Natasha Reed)
        • A4A tabeling – lots of outreach 
        • Excited about interviews for the Education and Coordinator
      2. Bella
        • Website updates 
        • Workstudies 
        • Buttons



MOTION 2022/11/18: 01 – Hannah Brown/Kate

WHEREAS the SSD approved a budget of $7,000 for the Fall 2022 semester for the Food Security Program on 17th August 2022. Since opening the program the SSD has seen a high demand that surpasses the budgeted amount. Therefore;

BIRT the SSD approve an increased budget of $9,500 for the Fall 2022 semester in order to support more students.


  • Discord (Hannah Brown)
    • We talked about this last meeting (and have talked about it before), any updates on moderators, and rules updates etc.
    • Vic will be reposting the doodle pool today to get some updated times.
  • Accessibility Committee Rep (Hannah Brown)
    • Nadja who is Deputy Provost Helga Hallgrimsdottir is looking for an SSD Rep to the inaugural Accessibility Committee co-chaired by the Deputy Provost and the Executive Director, Facilities Management, Melissa Donaldson. Our meeting dates will be Dec 9 11:00-12:00, Feb 17 11:00-12:00 and Apr 21 11:00-12:00. Meetings are in a hybrid format – in-person on-campus and Zoom. We will also be organising a separate student meeting after to work through how to best foster strong student engagement.
  • Holiday board event (Julia)
    • Order food up to $40?
    • Adrean is following up with Charlene
  • Open discussion
  • When should we do our next SGM? Early January or February
  • Andrea – Looking at Disability law for masters programs, learning more about disabilities reach out to learn together. 
  1. IN-CAMERA – (Parker/Hannah) 
  • Move out of camera (Kate/Hannah) – 4:54pm

December 2nd at 4 pm

  1. ADJOURNMENT – 4:55pm

Thank you for coming!