Join us on Tuesday for in person and virtual Beading Workshop!

Upper Tanana artist Ddhälh kït Nelnah, commonly known as Teresa, is a member of White River First Nation in Beaver Creek, Yukon. Teresa is a full-time beadwork artist and resides in both Yukon as well as Victoria, BC.  Using her grandmothers “watch and learn” method, Teresa will teach participants  how to bead as conversations unfold and thoughts are shared between the artist and participants.  Teresa will also share their experience on how beading played a transformative role as a distressing method during their time as a UVic undergrad.

Accessibility Statement: This event is open to all students, staff, and community members. It will be hosted virtually on Zoom, with Zooms own close captioning enabled. Individuals requiring additional accommodations to participate can email us at

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