Meeting Minutes 2020.07.22

Society for Students with Disabilities


Council: Natalie, Sevan, Julia, Sarah, Natasha, Jenna, Jason

Staff: Nakita and Faye



  1. Call to Order

Natalie called the meeting to order at 5:39 pm.



  1. Territory Acknowledgement
    1. We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.

Natalie acknowledged the territories


  1. Adoption of Agenda
    1. Adoption of Agenda
      1. Agenda of 2020.07.22

Motion to adopt the agenda: Sevan/Sarah

Motion carries.


    1. Ratification of Minutes
      1. Council Meeting Minutes of 2020.07.08

Motion to ratify the minutes: Sevan/Sarah



  1. Presentations & Announcements
    1. Presentations
    2. Announcements


  1. Reports
    1. Council Members
      1. Chairperson – Emily –
      2. Treasurer – Sevan
      3. UVSS Representative – Natalie
      4. Student Liaison – Jonathan
      5. Graduate Student Representative – Sarah
      6. International Student Representative – Vacant
      7. General Member at Large – Natasha
      8. General Member at Large – Tiffany
      9. General Member at Large – Sophie
      10. General Member at Large – Julia
      11. General Member at Large – Jenna
      12. General Member at Large – Jason
    2. Staff Reports
      1. Education and Admin Coordinator – Faye
      2. Office Coordinator – Nakita



  1. Main Motions
    1. Priority Business


Motion 2020.07.22: 01 – Sarah/Sevan

WHEREAS the SSD expressed interest in pursuing logo design by a disabled artist;

BIRT the SSD opens a request for proposals to find a graphic artist with a disability, with preference given to UVic students, to contract the development of a new logo for the SSD to be created in collaboration with UVSS Graphics.

BIFRT [SSD Council Member] leads this initiative and works with SSD staff, the UVSS Executive Director, and UVSS Graphics to publicize this RFP and to create a contract.

Motion to amend: Sarah/Julia

Change council member to Julia Denley

Motion to table indefinitely: Natasha/Sarah

Motion caries.



    1. New Business


    1. Old Business


  1. Discussion
    1. Priority Discussion


2020.07.22: 01 – Julia

Volunteer Recruitment


Motion to recess for 10 minutes: Sevan/Sarah

Motion carries.


Motion 2020.07.22:01 –  Julia/Sarah

BIRT Julia, on behalf of the SSD, will modify the Volunteer Recruitment Questionnaire based on the result of Discussion Point 01, and distribute the survey on relevant social media, in collaboration with other student groups and the UVSS where possible;

BIFRT Julia will communicate survey results with SSD Staff and SSD Council where applicable.


Motion carries.


2020.07.22: 02 – Natalie

SSD Accessible Garden Plot


Motion to table this item until the second meeting in August– Natasha/Julia

Motion caries.


    1. New Discussion


    1. Old Discussion


  1. In Camera


Motion to move in camera: Julia/Sarah

Motion carried.

Meeting moved in camera at 7:20 pm.

    1. Personnel Committee Report
    2. Funding Request Review


Motion to move out of camera: Sevan/Natasha

Motion carried.

Meeting moved out of camera at 8:07 pm


Motion 04: 2020.07.22: Sarah/Julia

BIRT the SSD approves the funding request of Gabriella VonKornfeldt of $4261.44  for a Microsoft 15 in. Surface Book 3 Bundle, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019, a laptop case, and Noise-cancelling Headphones.

Motion carried.





Motion 05: 2020.07.22: Natasha/Sarah

BIRT the SSD approves the funding request of Ava Golchin of $4,240.08  for a 16 in. MacBook Pro and $496.60 for Dragon Home 15 Software.

Motion carried.


Motion 06: 2020.07.22: Sevan/Julia

BIRT the SSD approves the funding request of Bri Stremel  of $4141.76  for a 13 in. MacBook Pro.

Motion carried.


Motion 07: 2020.07.22: Natasha/Sevan

BIRT the SSD approves the funding request of Sarah MacDonald  of $1905.17  for a 13 in. MacBook Pro and Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Sarah was absent for the discussion in camera and abstained from the vote.

Motion carried.


  1. Meeting Times


The next SSD Council meeting will be August the 5th at 5:30 pm.


  1. Adjournment


Meeting was adjourned at 8:13 pm.