The International Trans Day of Visibility is an annual event committed to celebrating trans+ people and raising awareness of the prejudice and bigotry faced by transgender people across the world.

Being able to exist as your true self is something that most people do everyday without a second thought. However for trans+ people living openly can be very dangerous, and just being visible can cause a daily risk for these individuals. Increased visibility of trans+ people in our communities and in the media can raise awareness that can help to change attitudes.

Yet, increased visibility for trans people is not necessarily a good thing unless it is accompanied by increased acceptance.

Increasing awareness, education, and removing discrimination is a key step in securing trans+ peoples safely and rights.

Marginalized communities have high levels of intersectionality, so within our disability community we have trans+ individuals. The SSD strives to continue to be a safe space for all individuals, and aim to promote meaningful social change in the world around us. In recognizing todays International Trans Day of Visibility we want folks to take time today to reflect and educate yourself further on the issues faced by trans+ individuals.