I wish you knew how to help me with my anxiety. When my heartrate is skyrocketing, tell me everything you know about heartbeats and how ventricles contract and how the blood is pumped. When my body is full of stress hormones, remind me of my adrenal glands, sitting on top of my kidney, releasing cortisol and adrenaline. When I am struggling to breathe, tell me all about diaphragmatic movements, isn’t it strange how when you breathe in deeply, the diaphragm moves down, instead of up? When my stomach aches in the middle of a bout of anxiety, remind me of how my body is in fight or flight, so it is rerouting blood away from the digestive organs because it thinks I need to run away. That’s the same reason my fingertips are freezing, isn’t the sympathetic nervous system interesting? When my hands shake so badly I cannot hold yours, remind me that my muscles are tense and the energy needs to go somewhere. I need to be reminded that this is all physiology and chemicals, that this was nothing I brought on myself.