Tuesday April 5, 2022 – Zoom, 1:00 pm 

Present: Hannah, Julia, Zack, Delicia, Bella, Victoria 

Staff: Faye, Sophie, Ashley



Chair offers territorial acknowledgement.

“We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day. We respect the land we are on that has been and is continually colonized violently.” Staff add ” We acknowledge the performative nature of territorial acknowledgements and choose to learn place names for what is around us. Today’s is Metulia, the place of smoked herring, which is so called Victoria.” 



Saturday March 26, 2022


Council Meeting Minutes of SSD Minutes-February25,2022

Council Meeting Minutes of SSD Minutes-March 26, 2022



Council Members


  • CC week coming up
  • SC in april on socials 
  • Many meetings 
  • 2nd walkout upcoming 
  • Office coordinator hiring deadline coming up


  • Budget focus : ready to present to staff and exec Thursday and council afterword’s to be approved for arc before may
  • Working on engagement with different groups and have received good involvement 
  • Involved with A4A and walkout as well as acronyms in accommodations policy 
  • Food reimbursements complete at this point [?]
  • Questions: none 
  • Accommodations policy will have further review as it is not ready nor appropriate 

UVSS Representative – vacant

Graduate Student Representative – Zack

  • Advocating with SS at monthly meetings and discussed previous reports on accessibility policy in review
  • Extra fees for part time completion of degree for graduate students as something we should or could change? 

General Member at Large

  •  nothing to report  
  • General Member at Large

Email Motions (all have carried):

MOTION 2022/02/07: 01 

WHEREAS the SSD has been advocating for hybrid learning options at The University of Victoria (UVic), through the Access4All campaign, to ensure safe and equitable access to post-secondary education; and,

WHEREAS UVic is not providing adequate support, being transparent and collaborative with regard to student consultation, or addressing student concerns in regard to equitable and accessible education, and overall well-being, a student walkout has been arranged; and, 

WHEREAS Access4All has been considering a walkout for sometime and Adrean and Sky have the capacity to lead a walkout; therefore,

BIRT the SSD formally support the UVic Walkout happening February 16th 2022 by adopting the Walkout as an Access4All initiative.m continuing to be led by Adrean and Sky.

BIFRT SSD will take this to UVSS for support.

MOTION 26/02/22: 02

WHEREAS March/April students may need extra support, as this is a notoriously stressful time, Delicia and Sophie would like to offer a week long event centred around “self care.”

WHEREAS “self care” is different for everyone, is often commercialized and capitalism is not “self care”, we will have multiple modalities of “self care” available for our community. This will be accomplished via an array of different events, workshops, classes, giveaways, and care packages.

WHEREAS we will provide care packages for our community during this week, we envision having 40 packages available at 30$ a package for a total of 1200$ approximately. With the hope we collaborate with other advocacy groups and acquire more funding (from ARC), once it has been approved by SSD council.

BIRT the SSD approves 2500$ for a “Self-Care” week long event that will include workshops/classes/care packages and more to support the wellbeing of our community.

MOTION 26/02/22: 03

WHEREAS the SSD is collaborating with Peer Support Centre to create “Relatable Reads: An Accessible Book Club” starting March 1st, 2022 and books/audiobooks etc. are expensive and sometimes not accessible as a result. Moreover, that we will be reading a new book/poetry book each month which can add up to a large expense for students.

BIRT the SSD approves the purchase of books or audio books for students participating in book club.

BIFRT the SSD requires proof of enrollment to access this resource.

BIFRT the student must provide SSD with a receipt and completed forms to be reimbursed for the book/audiobook purchase by the end of the month in which that book was the chosen book club read.

BIFRT the SSD will cover a maximum of 3 books per student each semester.

BIFRT the SSD reevaluate the program at the end of every semester and seek approval of any further needed funds if the program is to continue. 

MOTION 26/02/22: 04

WHEREAS the SSD has been updating the respite room in order to adequately and safely offer the space to our community members during covid and beyond.

WHEREAS the SSD recognizes our community members have varied needs and would like to be as prepared as we can be with regard to access of supports within the respite room.

BIRT the SSD approves 800$ for items such as a air purifier, fuzzy blankets, snacks, water bottles, fuzzy socks etc.

MOTION 02/03/22: 05

WHEREAS the SSD is hosting a council training from 4pm-6pm on Saturday March 4, 2022 and,

WHEREAS this falls over dinner, and we respect each other’s time and well-being. Moreover, roommates and family members may be present during this time as it is “dinner time.” Therefore

BIRT the SSD covers up to 75$, per student council member attending council training on March 5th, 2022, for a meal during the council training they attend (they must attend the entire training unless prearranged to receive this). 

BIFRT the student council member will need to submit a receipt and chec. requisition for reimbursement. OR arrange with SSD Staff or CoChairs ahead of time for an alternative solution. 

BIFRT if a member is unable to make the training or needs to reschedule, let’s Julia and Delicia know ahead of time, they can use their discretion to offer this to the student council member on the rescheduled training date.   

All have been carried and completed.



MOTION  05/04/22  – 1 – (Julia/Hannah)

WHEREAS the SSD has been leveling up in regard to our online presence 

WHEREAS the month of April is our Self Care/Community Care month, and we would like to have giveaways every Sunday.

WHEREAS we conducted community research and the most requested gift card was a grocery gift card.

BIRT the SSD proved 5 grocery store giftcards for the month of April at the price of 50$ each for a total of 250$.

BIFRT the SSD work with the individual who “wins” the giftcard to ensure we are providing a giftcard to a grocery store in their local area. For example in Victoria Thriftys is an option but in Vancouver it is not.

Motion carries.

MOTION  05/04/22  – 2 – (Bella/Julia)

WHEREAS the SSD space should strive to be accessible for all and this includes such things as kind lighting, adaptive technology, and comforts within the respite room etc.; therefore,

BIRT the SSD staff start the process of adjusting the SSD lighting.

BIFRT the SSD approve a budget to be determined by the SSD treasurer for improvements to the SSD space in the immediate (approximately 1000$ plus the cost of lighting improvements being coordinated by Faye) and it be worked into our budget moving forward to sustain a safe accessible and inclusive environment.

Motion carries.

MOTION  05/04/22 – 3 – (Julia/Hannah)

Vote to do 03 and 04 at the same time approved by consensus, both to have the same mover and seconder. 

WHEREAS the SSD monetary support to the Access4All (#A4A) campaign,

WHEREAS the Access4all campaign has adopted the walkout demonstrations as part of #A4A, and

WHEREAS the previous walkout expenses were under 500$ so executive council approved, we will be going over; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approve a total, inclusive of spending up to this point, of 1000$ or lower for #Access4All

BIFRT the SSD treasurer make adjustments to this budget as needed at their discretion to a maximum difference of 500$.

MOTION  05/04/22 – 4 – (/)

WHEREAS the #A4A campaign has adopted the walkout demonstrations as part of #A4A, and

WHEREAS the #A4A would like to table on April 07, 2022 outside the SUB to raise awareness about #A4A (and subsequently SSD) and accessible education; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approve this event.

Motions 3  and 4 carry.

MOTION  05/04/22  – 5 – (Hannah/Julia)

WHEREAS Faye Lee and Sophie Papp are the only two SSD staff in contract (meaning not ehires) at this time, and

WHEREAS in the past we have approved motions to extend their hours to include working from 20-35 hours (which require updating); therefore,

BIRT the SSD approve Faye Lee and Sophie Papp to work up to 20 hours a week.

BIFRT staff must notify executive council BEFORE going over 20 hours by sending an email to the chairperson(s) and treasurer.

BIFRT the executive council in consultation with the UVSS ED and/or UVSS Services Manager if needed, as mentioned within past motions with regard to staff hours, can update/approve staff hour alterations at their Discretion.

Motion Carries.

MOTION  05/04/22 – 6 – (Julia/Hannah)

WHEREAS COVID regulations are changing and masks are no longer required, and

WHEREAS many within our community continue to be high risk among other factors; therefore,

BIRT the SSD continue to require proof of vaccine and masks.

BIFRT the COVID Policy we have stay in place until vote, with unanimous approval to decide to remove it.

BIFRT the executive council in consultation with SSD staff, and if needed UVSS Services Manager, can use their discretion to update the COVID Policy to ensure it is always working with the most up to [date] information, regulations, and input from our staff and community.

Motion Carries.


    1. Budget: Please fill out this budget survey:
    2. SAGM first week of May.
      • Need an SSD rep, important for recruitment
      • Zack can help with planning potentially
      • Committees to come after recruitment
    3. Care package planning: please fill out survey 

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