June 6th at 2 pm PDT on Zoom

Meeting link:

Attendance: Julia, Hannah, Zack, Bella, Emma, Jacob, and Adrean.

  • LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Chair offers acknowledgement 
    1. Adoption of today’s agenda – Hannah/Zack
      1. Amend Agenda – Emma/Zack – Carries
      2. Motion 1 added
    2. Ratification of May 12th minutes – Emma/Jacob – Carries

MOTION 2023/06/06: 01 – Hannah/Jacob

WHEREAS the SSD endeavours to provide members of our community with opportunities to build community and connect with other students; therefore,

BIRT the SSD approves up to $750 for an excursion to Butchart Gardens, including the cost of the tickets, optional cab fare to-and-from the Gardens, and a gelato treat for up to 12 disabled students.


  1. SGM
    1. Had a meeting about the constitution and the changes we wanted to make. 
    2. Hoping to have the SGM by July 13th.
  2. Mental Health Resources Info Fair
    1. Let us know if you want to help us out with this.
    2. We want to have an info fair to help folks with their mental health.
    3. What is available at UVic and outside?
    4. Hoping for sometime in September.
    5. Going to make videos for all folks to promote their services.
  3. Additional bursary monies for Winter 2023
    1. A student is behind on payments to LAP.
    2. CAL asked if we can help cover the student, the advisor missed a deadline.
    3. Have a meeting and see what comes from this, then do an email motion based on the meeting.
  1. IN-CAMERA – Emma/Zack – 2:36

Funding requests – RB, AB

RB – Approving up to $2605, and approving asking about any extra software needed, which will be brought back to council.


AB – Approving no more than $4400.


Out-of-camera – Jacob/Hannah

  1. REPORTS (if time permits)
  1. Council
    1. Chairperson: Julia Denley
      1. Focussing on personal health and A4A.
    2. Treasurer: Hannah Brown
      1. Constitution meeting was good! 
      2. Going to do an event with the Rainbow Crosswalk Committee for neurodiverse and queer students. 
      3. Online event with food vouchers to thank you for attending. Drop-in and out situation, just talking and sharing your thoughts.
      4. Lots of A4A works.
      5. The Accessibility plan just came out.
    3. Student Liaison: Victoria Surry – Not Present
    4. SSD Rep UVSS: (vacant)
    5. International Student Rep: (vacant) 
    6. Graduate Student Rep: Zack Derrick
      1. Went to GSS equity meeting, was directed to anti-racism work.
      2. Did anything come from the accessibility plan survey students filled out? Maybe we will hear more about this next year.
    7. Secretary: (vacant)
    8. General Members at Large: Jacob and Emma – No report
  2. Staff
    1. Adrean
      1. Planning Buchart, supporting students, Disability Awareness Day planning.
    2. Bella
    3. Brooklyn
  3. Campaigns
    1. Access4All
      1. New logos are being made, and should have some samples soon.
      2. There is a new alliance with several other Universities in BC who are interested in A4A.
      3. Having attendance policy meetings and see what the departments and profs are enforcing. Further UVic’s attendance policy is ablest, suggesting profs can be upset if you don’t seem to be paying attention enough. 
      4. Improving parking and transportation on campus for disabked folks.

Council Meetings – tbd

Weekly Staff/Exec (Thrive) Meetings – usually Thursdays at 11 am PDT – email if you’d like to attend

Access4All Meetings – general A4A meetings every other Friday at 2:30 pm PDT; Attendance Policy Advocacy Committee meetings every other Thursday at 2 pm; see the Access4All running agenda for Zoom link and schedule

  1. ADJOURNMENT – 3:29

Thank you for coming!