UVic Society for Students with a Disability (SSD) COVID-19 Food Security Social Distancing Support Program Winter 2021

Intention: The intention of this program is to reduce financial barriers for UVic students with disabilities due to COVID-19 pandemic-related social distancing and/or self- quarantine precautions to do with food security and access to food. 

Eligibility: This program is only applicable to members of the SSD. This includes students at UVic who: 

  1. a) self-identify as having one or more disabilities, and 
  2. b) who are members in good standing of either the UVSS or the GSS. It does not include associate members of the SSD. 

SSD Council Members are eligible for this program, with preference given to non- Council Members. The program is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis until budgeted funds are exhausted. 

Scope: The scope of this program is to provide a delivery of the Fernwood NRG Good Food Box once every two weeks to students living in the Greater Victoria area. Students can select either the Fruit Box or the Medium Box. For students outside of the Greater Victoria area, or for those with a disability or food restriction that makes the Good Food Box inaccessible, there are two options. Option one: the Grocery Reimbursement Program allows for the purchase of groceries including perishable and nonperishable food items for a maximum of $100. Option two a $200 donation is made to the Red Cedar Cafe on behalf of a student who can then access and use the services of Red Cedar Cafe at no cost to them.

Good Food Box through Fernwood NRG will start January 27th and finish April 27th.

Grocery Reimbursement Program receipts must be submitted by March 19th in order to be processed. 

Red Cedar Cafe $200 donation to receive up to 7 prepared meals per week via pickup or delivery within the Greater Victoria Area.

Limitations for the Grocery Reimbursement Program: The following guidelines are included to clarify the definition of each eligible category for reimbursement; they are not exclusive: 

  1. Perishable Food Items 

Examples: Fruits, vegetables, dairy, dairy alternatives, frozen meals, frozen fruits and vegetables, meat and meat-alternatives, eggs.

  1. Nonperishable Food Items 

Examples: Pasta, canned foods, dried foods, granola bars, rice, grains, prepared meals, multivitamins and supplements intended to support immune health, meal-replacements. 

Process: Once registered for the program, students will either pick-up the Good Food Box from the Fernwood Community Centre on the delivery days, or if unable to pick-up their order for reasons related to their disability, will be paired with a volunteer driver. 

Students not receiving the Good Food Box will follow the procedure for filling UVSS Cheque Requisition Forms as outlined in the letter in the Support Package, or as provided by the SSD Office Coordinator. Students will submit the Cheque Requisition Form along with the original itemized receipt for their grocery purchase for up to $100 from the Grocery Reimbursement Program. Students wishing to access the Red Cedar Cafe pre prepared meal option please contact the SSD Office Coordinator. 

If students don’t have a credit card or are unable to provide the up-front cash to pay for the grocery bill, the SSD Office Coordinator will purchase the groceries according to direction from the student and partner with a community volunteer to deliver the grocery order. 

Timeline: Students participating in the Grocery Reimbursement Program instead of receiving the Good Food Box must submit their itemized receipt and fill out UVSS Cheque Requisition form and submit to SSD Staff by November 10th. 

Registration: Registration is completed by filling in the SSD Winter 2021 Programming Google Form.This form was made available to students through Slack, Facebook, Instagram and the SSD Mailing List. 

Accountability: The SSD Treasurer in collaboration with the SSD Coordinators will keep track of the student participation in the program for administration and accounting purposes, and to prevent misuse.